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JLab’s New Affordable USB-C Talk Series Microphones Start at $50

Three microphones side by side.

Three microphones side by side.

If you’re in the market for a new USB microphone, you’ve probably seen options starting at $100 and going up from there. When you can find more affordable options, they often give up the best features you might want. JLab thinks it’s threaded the needed with a new set of microphones that are affordable yet still powerful.

The first thing you should know about JLab’s microphones is they all use braided USB-C cords. That’s a step up you won’t find even on some well-known brands (we’re looking at you Blue). All three support Mac and Windows out of the box, with no extra drivers needed. But how you much you spend from there depends on what you need.

Take the Talk Go With You

As the name suggests, the Talk Go is a portable microphone you toss in your bag. For $49 it’ll get the job done when you’re traveling without breaking the bank. It’s compact enough to fit in a hefty bag, though don’t expect to slide it in a tablet sleeve.

JLab says the Talk Go works best for web-based audio calls or streaming, and podcasting, thanks to its two condensers and Cardioid and omni options. But you’ll miss out on other recording capabilities like stereo and bi-directional, so don’t plan on making any studio grade web-series. This one’s good for the interview and quick podcast when you’re on the go.

An affordable portable mic

Get Into Game Streaming with the JLab Talk

If you want something nicer than a portable mic, but you’re not ready for full-on professional, JLab’s middle of the road $99 Talk microphone is for you. It steps up to three condensers, Cardioid and omni, stereo and bi-directional, and a longer braided USB-C cable. Like the Talk Go, its sample rate tops out at 96k.

JLab says the Talk is intended for game streaming, podcasting, and interview-style recordings.

Middle of the road

Go Professional with the Talk Pro

Finally, if you’re willing to spend extra and want the best sound, look to the $150 JLab Talk Pro. Here you’ll fine three conensers, Cardioid and omni, stereo and bi-directional, and a longer braided USB-C cable, and a much higher sampling rate than the other microphones at 192k.

You’ll use the Talk Pro for calls, podcasting, streaming and professional level vocal recording, like voice acting.

For professionals

You can grab all three on Amazon now.

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