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It’s 2020, So We’re All Here for Mario Lopez in ‘A Recipe For Seduction’

A movie poster for 'A Recipe for Seduction' with Mario Lopez as Colonel Sanders
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Look, some things don’t need to make sense to be awesome. Take the KFC Double Down, a “sandwich” that literally puts fried chicken where the bread should go. And speaking of KFC, it teamed with Lifetime to make this year’s best romance movie. A Recipe For Seduction, starring Mario Lopez as Colonel Sanders.

You might think this is a joke, we sure did, but it appears to be a real thing. For a few years now, KFC has been getting more brazen and bold with its marketing stunts. Remember when the fried chicken company released a romance novel titled Tender Wings of Desire for Mother’s day? We do.

Now the company is back with the most obvious follow-up, a romance “mini-movie.” We don’t know much about it, but calling it a “mini-movie” might be generous, as it only runs about 15 minutes. We’re guessing “marketing stunt extended commercial” didn’t have the same ring.

But we don’t care either; Mario Lopez is a buff Colonel Sanders, ready to reveal the secrets of his herb and spices (did I really just type that sentence?).

Lifetime says the “mini-movie” will air on December 13 at Noon (no time zone mentioned) on the Lifetime channel. According to Variety, KFC will also run a promotion through Uber Eats. Anyone that orders delivery can get six extra crispy tenders for free with a purchase totaling more than $20.

We can’t wait.

Source: LIfetime

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