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Instagram Now has a Video Creation & Editing Tool | REEL!

Instagram Now has a Video Creation & Editing Tool REEL! post thumbnail

For some years now, Instagram has proven to be the best hub for photo and video sharing. Because it is the best social photo sharing platform, it has attracted a buzzing population of over 1 billion active monthly users.

As the very best app for photo sharing, Instagram camera features are amazing. However, as a video hub, users of the Instagram app have not been able to create videos with it. They have to rely on third-party video creation applications and then upload their videos to Instagram.

This however, is about to change as Instagram introduces a new feature called REEL.

What is Instagram REEL?

Reel on Instagram is a feature embedded into the camera app of Instagram, which allows any Instagram users to create multiple 15-seconds videos.

Features of Reels

Apart from enabling you to record videos with the Instagram app, Reels offers users 5 amazing tools to make the video creation process super fun and exciting.

Here are some of the tools.

Audio: While visuals create a lasting impression on viewers, it won’t touch their emotions if there is no background sound accompanying it. Hence, with the audio tool of Reel, you will be able to add songs from the Instagram music library, or your own audios to your videos.

Countdown: Do you want to record a dance or any other thing that require your phone not being on your hands while you do? Then, utilizing the countdown tool will ensure that you have enough time between settling your phone, and taking your position before the record begins.

Speed: Use slow motions to show viewers important scenes and speed up the none essentials. Remember, you have only 15 seconds. Though, you can record multiple 15-seconds videos at once.

AR Effects: Film tricks is what makes action movies sell more than others. In Instagram Reel, the AR Effects tool is designed to enable you do just that, in a fun, professional and easy way.

In fact, take a look a trailer about the Reel feature from Instagram.

Instagram Reel feature Trailer

How to Create Instagram Reel Video

Creating videos with the Instagram Reel feature is quite simple.

Just, open Instagram Camera, then tap on the Reel icon to record your video.

At the left side of the screen, you will see all the editing tools I have talked about above and those I didn’t. Use those tools to edit your video clips the way you want.

Instagram Reel is not only for Video Creation

While Instagram Reel is a video creation tool exclusive to the Instagram app, users can still use it to edit videos not created from Instagram.

To use Reel to edit already recorded video, upload the video from your gallery. Then press and hold the capture button to start recording the clip(s) you want to edit using the Instagram Reel tools.
If you want to create multiple clip from the video, then you need to stop recording when the progress indicator at the top of the screen reaches where you want each clip to end.

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