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Instagram not Working on Your iPhone? Fix it Now!

Instagram not Working on Your iPhone Fix it Now! post thumbnail

These days, Instagram is not just a place for sharing photos and videos to family and friends. It is also a hub for businesses, celebrities, social influencers and many others.

No matter your reason for loving Instagram. It is not a thing of joy, if Instagram stop working on your iPhone. In this article, I will show you different ways you can apply so as to get Instagram working again on your iPhone once more.

Before we begin, you should know that if you are not the only one in your area that is experiencing the Instagram not working error, then it means that the Instagram server handling accounts in your location is down. In this case, you cannot do anything but wait till the server is back up.
If after sometime other people’s Instagram has started working but yours isn’t, then the fixes below will come in handy.

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Fix 1: Restart your iPhone

Many people boast of their iPhone not going off, not even for a second. But the fact is, restarting your iPhone is most times the best way to fix apps that suddenly stopped working.

So, switch that iPhone off, wait for some seconds, and turn it back on.

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Fix 2: Check your Internet Connection

Low internet connection is also among the most popular reasons why most internet applications, just like Instagram will stop working on an iPhone.

To verify that it is your internet connection that is the problem, try using other internet dependent applications. If they do not work also, then turn of your iPhone data connection and turn it back on. Ideally, just turn on Airplane mode for about 30 second, and turn it off again. This will reset your iPhone internet connection and fix any glitch on your device that is not making it connect to the internet properly.

If after the above, Instagram and other internet dependent apps are still not working. Then verify with your internet service provider that, you have not exhausted your internet data bundle allocation, neither has it expired. If it has not, then verify also, that their server is not experiencing downtime.

When other internet dependent apps have started working, and your Instagram is not, then continue reading.

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Fix 3: Modify Instagram Permissions

To prevent apps from getting access and using other iPhone features without your knowledge, Apple added a feature called Permission to iPhone.

The ability of Instagram to work properly on your iPhone is greatly affected by the Permission feature of your iPhone. What this means is, if you have not granted Instagram the required permission it seeks, then Instagram will not work properly on your device.

To fix this issue, check and grant Instagram the appropriate permission it seeks. You do this by:

  • Scroll down to the bottom of your iPhone Settings and tap on Instagram. When you do, you will be taken to the Instagram permission page.
  • In the Instagram permission page, you will see all the permission Instagram wants. You will also see those you have granted and those you have denied Instagram of.
  • Grant Instagram the necessary permission it requires.
    For example, for Instagram to function properly, it needs access to Photos, Microphone, Camera, Mobile data and others.

Grant these and other permissions to Instagram. Then launch the Instagram app again to confirm that it is now working.

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Fix 4: Update Instagram (it will fix the Instagram not Working error)

Instagram is used by millions, not just because they provide a service that is loved by these millions of people, but also because it is fairly safe and secure to use. However, there is no iPhone app that is free from bugs. Instagram is not an exception.

In this article, bugs refer to some errors that was made during the development/coding of the Instagram app. These bugs most times are the culprit of Instagram not working on your iPhone.
To fix this, you need to update your Instagram app to the latest version.

Just launch App Store, then tap the profile icon avatar at the top-right corner. This will display all install apps. Scroll down to Instagram and click on the Update button.

If you cannot see Instagram in the list of apps (which is not possible), then use the Search function in the App Store to search for Instagram. When you see it in the search result, tap on it to open the Instagram information page. On this page, tap on the Update button.

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Fix 5: Reinstall Instagram

If all the fixes fail, what will not fail is a reinstallation of the Instagram. First though, you need to uninstall/delete the current Instagram app from your iPhone. You do this by:

  • Tap and hold the Instagram app icon on your iPhone’s homepage or app library.
  • Then select Remove App from the context menu.
  • Finally select Delete App on the confirmation prompt.

Now launch App Store, search for Instagram, then tap on the Install button.

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Other Useful Info

Closing multiple apps that is running simultaneously on the background will free up your iPhone RAM, giving Instagram more room to run and work perfectly.

Always keep your iPhone OS (iOS) up-to-date. Out-of-date iOS in most cases, do not have the features needed by the latest version of Instagram. These features that is lacking will prevent Instagram from working properly on your iPhone.

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