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If you want FreeSync for your Xbox One games, you have few options

FreeSync Monitors for Xbox One
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Microsoft supports FreeSync on Xbox One consoles, adjusting refresh rates on the fly to reduce screen tearing and stuttering in gaming. While hundreds of special FreeSync-compatible displays are on the market, Xbox One consoles are limited to a subset with HDMI support. We’ve rounded up our top FreeSync monitors compatible with Xbox One across all price tiers.

Staff pick

The Samsung C27HG70 leads the pack with a strong roster of features complementing the Xbox One. FreeSync 2 support is the standout, improving colors with HDR support. It also boasts a curved 27-inch panel, 1440p resolution, and 48-100Hz FreeSync HDMI frequency for clear, fluid gameplay.

Images from an Xbox One X will look best on this display, drawing every detail and the full-color spectrum, for stunning results.

$648 at Amazon

Value pick

The Acer XF270H is a strong 1080p pick, scaling to 27 inches. It hits a 144Hz FreeSync frequency, which proves more than capable for the best of Xbox One, with headroom for next-generation consoles.

This results in smooth gameplay, with a solid image for the price, although it isn’t setting the bar for quality. It’s an excellent, expansive entry-point that draws the best of console FreeSync without breaking the bank.

BenQ steps it up to 4K with a 60Hz refresh rate, touting Xbox-compatible FreeSync with a 1ms response time. It also supports HDR10, the open standard supported by Xbox One, pulling the best colors and contrast from each frame.

The BenQ EL2870U offers a crisp and smooth 28-inch panel, with UHD support showing even the smallest details, all at a reasonable price. You also get integrated speakers with an integrated 3.5mm headphone jack—the ultimate balance of function and affordability, ideal for Xbox One X owners.

$300 at Amazon

The S3220DGF is part of Dell’s newer 32-inch gaming displays, securing 1440p resolution, 165Hz refresh rate, and decent HDR support. Image quality holds up, balancing clarity and fluidity while responsive, delivering an all-round reliable monitor for gaming on high-end Xbox consoles. FreeSync 2 seals the deal but is limited to 144Hz over HDMI.

The ASUS TUF VG27AQ provides a striking image with its 27-inch 1440p panel, especially ideal for those playing games at high framerates, if you have intentions to upgrade to Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S. It handles motion well, with its 144Hz refresh rate, low response time, and minimal input lag making this a responsive piece of gaming kit.

While it supports FreeSync and HDR in tandem, its implementation, coupled with average blacks of this IPS panel, makes this best suited for competitive gaming less focused on visuals.

$430 at Amazon

If you’re looking to leverage the Xbox One’s FreeSync support, but with considerations for the living room, the Vizio M7 Series 4K TV lineup could be the ideal fit. This TV covers all the fundamentals for a good gaming experience, with 4K HDR support, an impressive contrast ratio, and high responsiveness. It comes in 50, 55, 65, and 70-inch variants, far exceeding most monitors’ screen space, with a budget-friendly price for what’s on offer.

$500 at Best Buy

We have our favorite FreeSync monitors for Xbox One

When you’re in the market for FreeSync-compatible Xbox One monitors, there’s one fundamental characteristic to look out for — FreeSync over HDMI. While countless gaming monitors now support the feature, not all support the VRR over an HDMI connection, sometimes limited to their DisplayPort connections. While you should consider the full feature set of what any monitor offers, ensure its FreeSync support plays nice with your console.

The Samsung C27HG70 remains the best overall pick for FreeSync on Xbox One, packing an unrivaled balanced of the best monitor features for gaming. Its curved 1440p image and 48-100Hz FreeSync ensure sharp gameplay without compromising performance, pairing with native 1440p support added last year. And among the early FreeSync 2 HDMI monitors on the market, this monitor is the best way to experience variable refresh rates (VRR) with high dynamic range (HDR). The result is impactful colors that really pop across supported games.

The Acer XFA240 is another high-performance alternative, dropping to 24-inch 1080p for hefty savings. It’s best suited for those eyeing the latest Xbox Series S or budget-conscious Xbox One X owners leveraging supersampling. While it’s missing HDR under FreeSync 2, the XFA240 otherwise nails the essentials.

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