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If you Love Tablets, then go for Chromebook Laptops.

If you Love Tablets, then go for Chromebook Laptops post thumbnail

Chromebook are laptops that has the capability of running only the Chrome OS operating system. Chrome OS is an operating system developed by Google for laptop use, as they did Android for smartphones.

So, the question is, why should you buy a Chromebook laptop, instead of a regular laptop that allows you to use Windows operating system from Microsoft or another operating system like Linux OS?

Chromebook is Built for Online Users

If more than 90% of the time you spend on a laptop, you are online, then, going for a Chromebook laptop is the best option. This is because, Chromebook is built specifically for that purpose.

More to that is the fact that the default browser for Chromebook laptops is Chrome. The Google Chrome browser is optimized to support all Google’s web-based applications, and that of others.

In fact, it is believed, that web-based applications including plugins and add-ons that is available to Chrome users is more than those available to any other browsers, including Firefox.

But you might be wondering, why should you want to go for a laptop that requires you to be online most of the time? The simple answer is, The World is Online.


Because most of the things you do on Chromebook is online (via a web browser) the Chrome OS is built to be as simple as possible.

If you can use an Android phone, then you can use a Chromebook like a professional, without you needing to first, go to a computer college.

Android Compatible

As you may already know, there are hundreds of millions of applications that are available to Android users. These applications are both online and offline apps.

Why there is no guarantee that 100% of Android apps will work on a Chromebook laptop, the fact is, the Chrome OS is built to be compatible with Android apps and games.

Hence, the many Android offline apps and games available at your disposal will still keep you entertained and productive when you are not connected to the internet.


Compared to it counterparts (Windows OS and MacOS) the Chrome OS has not yet attracted the attention of hackers. Hence, it is fairly safer to use a Chromebook laptop as of now.

More also, because Chromebook laptops cannot run Windows os or MacOS applications, it means that the many viruses lurking in the internet will not have any effect if they get into your machine at any time.

This though, is not an excuse not to be cautious about your online security and privacy habits.

Google aren’t the only Producers

Google are not the only laptop manufacturers that produces Chromebook laptops. Other manufacturers such as, Samsung, Lenovo, Hp, Dell, Acer and others, also produces laptops with the Chrome OS (Chromebook).

It is also noteworthy to point out that, because of the simplicity of how it works, Chromebook laptops batteries last longer, and has more lifespan than other regular laptops.

Chromebook is Like a Tablet with a Keyboard

It cannot be disputed that programs developed for laptop using Windows 10, MacOS or other operating system has more features. So, if you are a type of user that needs more functionalities from a program. Or if you are just someone that do not fancy using an online service to do most of your job, then Chromebook laptops is not for you.

For, Chromebook laptop can be likened to an Android tablet, that has a keyboard and a mouse, in addition to a touchscreen.

My point is, While Chromebook has many advantages over regular laptops, it is not for everyone.

Chromebook is Cheaper

Many Chromebook cost between $200 and $1,000. The same price range on a smartphone, you may say.

Well, that is true. Hence, Chromebook are cheaper than regular laptops.

Shop for Chromebook Laptops

Have you decided to go for a Chromebook laptop? Here is the best place to shop for Chromebook online.

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