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How to use Screen Sharing on Skype for any Device

Skype calling screen

With more and more people working from home, it is becoming more and more difficulty for some to explain certain aspect of their work to their boss, client or colleague.

When in the office, all you need is to point to the screen of your computer or other smart device, and person you are talking to will get the sense of what you are talking about more fully.

That is where the ability to share what is on your screen is important.

Share your Device Screen Using Skype

Skype is one of the most popular mobile app used for video and voice communication.

Skype support screen sharing, and below are the steps you need to take when you want to share your device screen to others.

Screen Sharing on Skype for Android

  • Start a video chat with the person you want to share your screen with.You do this by taping on the Video Call button next to the person’s name in the conversation section.tap on the video icon to start a video call in skype
  • After the person have accepted the call, look at the bottom-right, you will see three dot that are aligned horizontally in the video calling interface.
    Tap on it.tap on the menu button
  • Next tap on the Share screen option.Tap the Share screen option
  • After you have taped on the Share screen option, Android will notify you that you Skype wants to share your screen, tap on START NOW or proceed or CANCEL to abort.
    You can also check the Don’t show again box before you tap on START NOW if you do not want Android to keep showing this notification.Tap on start now
  • After that, the person you are on the video call with will start seeing your phone screen rather than what your camera is seeing which is your face.
    Now you can press the home button on your phone to minimize Skype from your screen, then navigate to the app, photo, document or any other thing you want the other person to see on your screen.
    Your Android phone mic and speaker will still be working, so you to can communicate with each other as well.
  • Once you are through, go back to the Skype app and tap on the Stop sharing button which is at the top-left of the video calling interface of Skype, or better still you can just end the call.Skype stop sharing screen option
Note: to be able to use the Screen Sharing function your phone must be running Android 6.0 or higher and you must be using the latest version of the Skype app for Android.

Screen Sharing on Skype for iPhone and iPads

To use Screen Sharing, your iPhone or iPads needs to be running on iOS version 11 or higher.

This is because Broadcast is a feature that was introduced in iOS version 11, and Skype cannot share your screen without this Broadcast feature.

Having said that, the process of starting and stopping screen sharing on Skype for iPhone is the same with the steps for Android.

As I mention in step 3 above, iOS screen sharing permission notification is different.

In iPhones and iPads, after you have tapped on the Share screen button, iOS will display a full-screen overlay telling you about the Broadcast feature you are about to use, and a list containing all the apps that can use iOS Broadcast feature.

In the list, tap on Skype then tap on Start Broadcast.

Unlike on Skype for Android, the share screen feature might not work on first try, if it doesn’t you should try again.

A red pill around your iPhone time or a red bar on top of the screen will appear as soon as Skype start sharing your screen. That is how to  know when Skype have started sharing your iPhone or iPad screen.

Screen Sharing on Skype for Windows and Mac Computer

For Windows PC

The Skype app for Windows computer does not yet support screen sharing.

However, if you use the latest version of Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser to access your make the Skype call, you can can use the Share screen feature.

When making a video call, just tap on the share screen icon which is at the bottom-right.Screen share icon for Skype on desktop platform

For Mac Computer

Mac computer users using the Skype app can use the share screen feature if their OS is macOS 10.15 or above.

To use this feature, just click on the share screen icon when making a video call.

However, Mac users using Skype share screen feature for the first time need to first grant Skype the permission to screen record their computer screen.

The option to grant Skype this access will be shown to you after you have tap on the Share screen icon. But if you want to Skype the screen record permission right now, in your computer Setting, go to Mac System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Screen Recording, and grant access to Skype.

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