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How to use Radmin VPN to host a Minecraft LAN server

Vlad Constantinescu
by Vlad Constantinescu

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  • Having double NAT or ISP restrictions means that you won’t be able to make your Minecraft server public.
  • In these situations, forwarding ports may become difficult, especially for novices.
  • Radmin VPN can help you create a VPN that you and your friends can connect to.
  • With Radmin VPN, Minecraft will detect you on the same network and let you host/join LAN servers.

Minecraft Radmin

Minecraft is still one of the most popular games on the market, even after so many years. Since it’s suitable for most ages, its fanbase encompasses a wide range of users who enjoy playing it.

With each update, the game gets more and more content you can use to develop your world with.

Minecraft servers are often hosted by regular users

However, if you ever played Minecraft before, you can agree that it’s boring without friends. More so, you might be aware that there’s no official Minecraft dedicated server, as the community hosts most of the servers.

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access

Want to keep your online privacy safe while playing Minecraft on a public server? PIA is one of the VPNs that doesn’t get blocked.

You can even create a server on your own computer if you want to. Our comprehensive guide will show you how to make a Minecraft server for you and your friends, step by step.

Creating a Minecraft public server can fail sometimes

In certain situations such as having a double NAT or ISP restrictions, you won’t be able to make your server public. Therefore, your friends won’t be able to see it, let alone join you in your awesome block-based adventure.

On the bright side, there’s a way to bypass this unfortunate limitation by creating a LAN server. Usually, you need to be on the same physical network to connect to a LAN server.

However, we know a workaround that involves Radmin and we’ll give you the inside scoop in just a few.

How to use Radmin VPN for Minecraft?

  1. Download Radmin VPN from the official website
  2. Install Radmin VPN on the computer that will act as hostRadmin VPN installation
  3. Click the Create Network button in Radmin VPN’s main windowMain screen Radmin VPN
  4. Choose a name for your network and configure a password (minimum 6 characters)Create Radmin VPN network
  5. Click the Create button
  6. Tell your friends the name of the network and the password

How to host a Minecraft LAN server?

  1. Launch Minecraft on the host PC
  2. Click SingleplayerSingleplayer Minecraft
  3. Select Create New WorldMinecraft creating new world
  4. Customize your world
  5. Click the Create New World button once moreMinecraft world customization
  6. Once your world loads press the Esc key on your keyboard
  7. Select Open to Lan from the game menuMinecraft opening world to LAN
  8. Customize your LAN game
  9. Click Start LAN WorldStarting LAN game Minecraft
  10. Note down the 5-digit port number (your friends will need it to connect)LAN game port number Minecraft

How to join a Minecraft LAN server?

  1. Launch the Radmin VPN client on your PC
  2. Hit + on your keyboard or click the Join Network buttonJoin network menu Radmin VPN
  3. Make sure you’re in the Private Network tab
  4. Type the name of the server and its passwordJoining a network on Radmin VPN
  5. Click Join
  6. Note the IP of the host networkHost IP Radmin VPN
  7. Launch Minecraft on your PC
  8. Click MultiplayerMultiplayer mode Minecraft
  9. Select Add Server (or Direct connect)Add Minecraft server
  10. Choose a name for the server
  11. Type the IP and Port numbers in the Server Address field (it should look like in the picture below)Server details Minecraft
  12. Click Done

Minecraft LAN games not showing up? Our guide can help you fix this issue in no time.

Play Minecraft on LAN with Radmin VPN

To wrap it up, creating a public Minecraft server is not always a sure hit. There are some situations when making your server public is simply not possible, but that shouldn’t put you off.

You can use the workaround we’ve described above to create a VPN for you and your friends. Once you’re connected, Minecraft will see you as if you’re connected to the same physical network and allow you to host and join LAN servers in no time.

FAQ: Learn more about Radmin VPN for Minecraft

  • How to use Radmin VPN for Minecraft?

Radmin VPN creates a private network that you and your friends can connect to, so that Minecraft thinks you’re on the same physical network. You then create a LAN server as usual, and your friends should be able to connect to it.

  • Why I can’t connect to the Minecraft server with Radmin VPN?

If you can’t connect to your friend’s Minecraft server, your firewall might block the program or port. You will need to allow the port/program through your Windows Firewall and everything should be alright.

  • What is the best VPN for Minecraft?

If you need to protect your online identity and keep your online activities private, you might consider using a VPN even while playing Minecraft. Here are our top 5 Minecraft VPNs for Windows and Mac.

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