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How to Use Google Chrome Passwords for Auto-filling on iPhone

Use Google Chrome Passwords on i Phone for Auto filling Featured

As long as you use Google Chrome version 85.0 or later on your iPhone, it’s possible to autofill Chrome passwords in other apps, including Safari. Without further ado, let’s go through everything that you need to know about setting up and using Google Chrome passwords for auto-filling everywhere on your iPhone.

Install or Update Chrome

You must have Google Chrome version 85.0 or later installed on your iPhone to start auto-filling Chrome passwords in other apps. If you’ve yet to install Chrome, just head over to the App Store, search for ‘chrome,’ and tap the Get button or the Download icon to install it.

Use Google Chrome Passwords on i Phone for Auto filling 1

If you already have Chrome installed on your computer, it’s best to update it before you proceed. To do that, long-press the App Store icon on the iPhone’s Home screen, select Updates, and then install any updates for Chrome, if available.

Alternatively, you can search for Chrome in the App Store and tap Update to apply the latest updates.

Sign Into Chrome

If you just installed Chrome on your iPhone, you must sign in with your Google Account. Start by opening the browser. If you already have another Google app that you’ve signed into previously, just select your Google Account and tap Yes, I’m In.

Use Google Chrome Passwords on i Phone for Auto filling 2

If not, open the Chrome menu, select Settings, and tap Sign Into Chrome to sign in with your Google Account credentials. Then, go through any verification procedures — if you have two-factor authentication enabled — to add your Google Account.

Sync Your Passwords

It’s best to confirm that your passwords are set to sync with your iPhone. To do that, head into the Chrome Settings pane, tap Sync and Google services, and select Manage Sync. Then, ensure that the switch next to Passwords is enabled.

Use Google Chrome Passwords on i Phone for Auto filling 3

Note: If you use a sync passphrase, you must add it to upload and download browsing data on your iPhone. The browser will prompt you to do that automatically.

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Enable Chrome Auto-Filling

Now that you’ve finished setting everything up on the browser-side, you must wrap up by integrating Chrome with the AutoFill functionality on your iPhone. To do that, open the Settings app and select Passwords. Then, select Autofill Passwords and pick Chrome from the list under the Allow Filling From section. Follow by tapping the Turn On Autofill button on the splash screen.

Use Google Chrome Passwords on i Phone for Auto filling 4

Use Google Chrome Passwords on i Phone for Auto filling 5

Note: You do not have to disable iCloud Keychain or other third-party password managers that you’ve installed on your iPhone. You can continue to use them alongside the Chrome password manager.

Auto-Fill Chrome Passwords

You can now start auto-filling Chrome passwords in other apps on your iPhone. When using Safari specifically, the browser will automatically pick a relevant password from Chrome, iCloud Keychain, or any other third-party password managers that you’ve enabled within the AutoFill settings on your iPhone.

Use Google Chrome Passwords on i Phone for Auto filling 6

If you want, you can pick a different password by tapping the key-shaped icon to the lower-right of the screen—then, select Chrome, Keychain, or another password manager.

When using other apps, a password suggestion will show up at the top of the onscreen keychain. Simply tap it to autofill the password or use the key-shaped icon to pick a different password from the Chrome password manager, Keychain, or a different password manager.

Use Google Chrome Passwords on i Phone for Auto filling 7

If you auto-fill a password from Chrome that is not present in the iCloud Keychain, your iPhone will automatically ask you to save it.

However, you can’t save any new passwords that you create directly into the Chrome password manager. As a workaround, you can head into Chrome itself, sign into the relevant login portals by referring to the details stored under Settings > Passwords, and save them to the Chrome password manager when it prompts you to.

Start Auto-Filling

The ability to auto-fill Chrome passwords in any app on the iPhone is a major lifesaver, especially if you use Chrome a lot on other devices. That also allows you to continue your web browsing in Safari, which is much better than Chrome in terms of both performance and privacy.

That said, don’t forget to install the latest Chrome updates as soon as they become available. That should patch out any known issues that can prevent you from auto-filling your Chrome passwords elsewhere.

Since you’re effectively allowing iOS to access your passwords, you must also keep your iPhone up-to-date to ensure that things stay nice and secure.

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