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How to use a task killer in Windows 10

However, when it comes to Windows 10 what do you do? Where do you get a Windows 10 task killer?

How can I find a Windows 10 task killer?

how to close apps windows 10 app killer

Truth be told, when you exit an app on Windows 10, it doesn’t just stand there and hog resources, the OS automatically puts the app in a standby state, similar to what iOS users experience.

And while these apps don’t eat up too much memory whilst in this state, when you have many opened, you will see a drop in performance.

If you were thinking of getting a Windows 10 app killer, then think again, as no such apps are available on the Microsoft Store at this moment. But even so, Microsoft was kind enough to implement a way in which users can stop running apps and free up some memory.

How can I kill Windows 10 apps using Task Manager?

windows 10 task killer

By now, you have seen the new Task Manager in Windows 10, and if you are new to Windows 10 and didn’t get a chance to get familiar with it, know that you will be able to use it to close running apps.

Open Task Manager by holding down Ctrl + Shift + Esc or Ctrl + Alt + Del and select Task Manager and in the top part of the Processes tab, you will see all the running apps. From here, you can close them one by one.

Task Manager is also a good background app killer for Windows 10. You fill find the background running apps right below the running ones and you will also be able to end them.

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Another way to go around the problem is to use a Task Manager Alternative, which are other desktop programs that allow you to close lagging or not responding processes.

However, these third-party apps have more advanced functions, and if you only need to close a few apps, there would be no point in installing and fiddling with them. But for those who want to have complete control over what apps are running on their computers, we have a great list of Task Manager alternatives.

It would be nice if Microsoft would add a quick and fast option to close all the running apps, instead of having to go to Task Manager or close them manually one by one. We hope that future updates of Windows will bring such features.

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