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How to Turn on Dark Mode on your Android Phone.

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Dark mode is a feature that when turned on, darken the Android User Interface (UI) thereby making it easier for users to use their Android smartphone especially when in a dark environment.

This mode, is loved by many, not only because it reduces the emission of blue-rays which in turn protects the eyes, it also prolongs battery life.

This is why, in this article, I will teach you how to turn on Dark Mode on your Android phone, without you needing any third-party app.

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Turning on the Dark Mode

Open your Android phone’s Settings.
You do this by either, sliding down the Notification bar twice, then tap on the Gear icon. Or by, tapping on the Settings app icon in the app list of your phone.

Next, tap on Display, then on Theme, finally tap on Dark.
Depending on your Android phone manufacturer, after you tapped on Display, the next option might be called Dark Mode, or Night Mode, or Dark Theme.
Regardless of what it is called, they are all serving the same purpose.

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Turning on Dark Mode on Android 11 and Earlier

On some smartphones and tablets running on Android version 11 and above, the option to activate dark mode is found in the Accessibility Settings and not in Display.

If this is the case with you, then after you have opened your Android phone’s Settings, tap on Accessibility, and not on Display.

Then, under the Display category in Accessibility, toggle on the Dark theme option.

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Color Inversion – A Better Alternative to Dark Mode.

As I have earlier pointed out, the dark mode feature only darkens the Android UI elements. What this means is that if you are using any app that is not part of or dependent on the Android UI (e.g. a web browser like the one you are using to read this post), the dark mode feature will not affect the contents on that app.

Color Inversion however, is a feature that when turned on, affect everything on your device.

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How to Turn on Android Color Inversion Feature

Open your Android phone’s Settings.

Tap on Accessibility, then under the Display category, tap Color inversion.

Finally, turn on Use color inversion.

However, it is important to point out that the prolong use of the Color Inversion feature can cause color quality or text clarity (legibility) issues.

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