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How to take Long Screenshot on Android and iOS (scrolling screenshot)

How to take Long Screenshot on Android and iOS (scrolling screenshot) post thumbnail

Long screenshot, is a screenshot that is able to capture contents hidden below the ones shown on the active screen. This example will make you understand.

I want to send a screenshot of an article I am reading on to a friend. Taking a long screenshot will enable me show my friend the complete article, from start to finish in just one picture, rather than in multiple pictures.

Taking long screenshot is also necessary when you want to share a thread, be it chat thread, tweet thread, comment thread, and more. The reasons people have to want to take a long screenshot is probably not why you are here. So, let me get down to business now, and show you how to take the long screenshot you so desire.

However, I will like you to know that the term Scrolling Screenshot, and Long Screenshot is used in this article to mean the same thing.

Using Android Built-in Feature

As of when am writing this article, some newer version of Android phones has a built-in feature that enables you to take a long screenshot. However, you have to turn on this feature before you can use it.

Turn on Android Built-in Long Screenshot Feature

Open Settings, scroll down and tap on Advance Settings (in some device, it is Advance Features).

Locate Smart capture and toggle on the switch.

How to use Android Built-in Scrolling Screenshot Feature

Take a screenshot as you normally would (without using any third-party application). In many Android smartphone, this is done by pressing the Power and Down Volume button at the same time.

Once you have, tap on the Scrollshot icon .                              

Your screen will start scrolling upwards automatically. When it gets to the place where you want the screenshot to end, just Tap on your Phone screen, it will stop and take the long screenshot.

A preview of the Long screenshot will appear by the bottom-left of your screen, tap on it to Save, or the share icon to share it without saving to your device.

Best Apps to Take Scrolling Screenshot with

As of now, only some few latest Android phones have the Smart capture feature built into them. However, if you still wish to take a long screenshot without needing to buy a new Android device, or switch from your iOS device to Android, then you need to rely on the help from third-party applications.

Below, I will be outlining the best third-party apps you can use to take long screenshot for both Android and iOS devices.

Screen Master

Screen Master is a screenshot and photo markup tool that also allows you to take long screenshot, without you even needing to touch the power and down volume buttons on your phone.

Initiating a screenshot on Screen Master is so easy. All you need is to shake your phone, or touch the onscreen Screen Master floating button.

It also supports photo stitching.

Photo stitching is when you want to combine screenshots from multiple locations into one long screenshot image.

Apart from stitching, other things you can do with Screen Master are, spotlight (highlight) key sections in the scrolling screenshot, blur the unessential parts that you still want in the picture but you do not want it contents to be viewable, and so many others.


Trusted by over 1 Million people that have downloaded the app, LongShot by Leav Jenn is a productivity app that was created solely for the purpose of taking long screenshots.

Just like Screen Master, LongShot has a photo stitching option. While there is not much to say about LongShot, apart from the fact that it enables you take long screenshot, it is noteworthy to point out that the LongShot app works for only Android 7.0 phones and above.

Also, LongShot is a free app, and the in-app ads are non-intrusive because they are closable.

Long ScreenShot Capture

Long ScreenShot Capture features screenshots

The next Android app for taking scrolling screenshot I will be talking about is Long ScreenShot Capture by The Hex Coders.

Not only does Long ScreenShot Capture allows you to take long screen shots, it also enable to save them, and any other photo in your gallery as PDF, for easy sharing.

This is a useful feature, because with it, you can save a webpage document, like novel, exposé, and others, into PDF file, so that you can read them offline, anytime, and at your own pace.

Another great thing that made Long ScreenShot Capture stand out, is the fact that it offers you the option to choose the image quality of the screenshot you are about to take.


Picsew features screenshot

Now moving to the iOS apps, which you can use the take a long screenshot, Picsew stands out.

This screenshot stitching app by Liming Mo, is so good that it has been recommended several times in the App Store Today Stories, given the Best Apps of 2017 award by sspai, and AppSo, Price Tag, WeiPhone editors have recommended it.

Picsew is a completely free iOS app without ads, but it does offer you some extensions which can be bought in order for you to improve its functionality.

But regardless of whether you buy an extension or not, you will still be able to stitch, upto 300 photos into 1. Annotate on them, add watermarks, in the event that it is infograph you are creating and much more

Stitch it!

This is another popular, yet nice app you can use to take long screenshot on your iOS device. This app by Thirty Seven Inc. also have an Android version. So, if you have both an Android and iOS device, this is a 1 app you can use for both of them.

This photo stitching app, can be used in 15 different languages, including, Arabic, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, and Traditional Chinese.

Stitch It also enable you upload your screenshots and other images to an unlisted (that is private) URL on for backup purposes.

Other Great Android Apps for Taking Long Screenshots


Web Scroll Capture

Web Scroll Capture features screenshot

Long Screenshot

Long Screenshot features

Other Great iOS Apps for Taking Long Screenshots

Long Pic Stitch

Long Pic Stitch features screenshot


Tailor features screenshot

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