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How to Switch to the New Facebook Desktop Design.

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Facebook is redesigning the appearance of their website. To ensure that this new design and look works perfectly across Facebook no matter what you are using Facebook for, Facebook says that this new look will take some few months before it will be ready.

However, Facebook, is giving everyone (or let’s say most user) the ability to enjoy this new design feel before this new look becomes the default appearance for every Facebook desktop users. Nevertheless, if you do not like this new look after you have switch to it, you can switch back to the Classic look which we all know, though I do not think this option will be there forever.

So, I will recommend that you switch to the new Facebook design now, so that you can familiarize yourself with the new design before it becomes the default design.

The purpose of the new Design.

Facebook says that they are redesigning the look of Facebook because they want it to load faster, make the text bigger and remove clusters, making the new Facebook look cleaner and appealing.

Also, the new Facebook design brings dark mode to Facebook desktop users. This dark mode can be switched on and off if you do not want to view dark Facebook for a longtime.

Switch to the New Facebook.

Visit Facebook on your computer browser and log in to your account.

After you have signed in, click on the dropdown button  which is at the top-right corner. Then select Switch to New Facebook from the dropdown menu.

You see a welcome message afterwards telling what you stand to enjoy by switching. Click the Next button to continue.

Next, Facebook will ask you to choose between the new Dark mode or continue with the Light mode. Select which option you like and click the Get Started button.

How to Switch Back to the old Facebook Desktop Design.

If after trying to familiarize yourself with the new Facebook design, but you still decide that you want to old design instead, do the following.

While you are still logged in, click on the dropdown button  again. Down the dropdown menu options that will appear, locate the Switch To Classic Facebook option.

You will be asked to give a feedback why you do not like the new Facebook design. Giving this feedback is optional, so, if you are not interested in giving a feedback, just click on the Skip button.

Once done, your Facebook will refresh and display the old Facebook design for desktop you are craving for.

How to Switch Dark Mode on and off.

As I did mention above, one of the compelling reason to switch to the new Facebook design for desktop users is because the new design supports dark mode.

If after switching to the new Facebook Design, you want to turn off or on the dark mode feature, do the following.

While you are still logged in, click on the dropdown button  again. Down the dropdown menu options that will appear, locate the Dark Mode option and click on it to toggle it on or off.

As of now, turning the dark mode on or off will not make Facebook to refresh. So, you should not be afraid of losing what you are typing.

How to Report a Problem

If as you are using the new Facebook design, you encounter a problem, you can report it to Facebook. To report the issue to Facebook, do the following.

Click  in the top right.

Click Help & Support > Report a Problem.

Then follow the on-screen instructions.

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