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As a social media platform, most people generally follow a number of other accounts on Twitter. There are many reasons you may choose to follow someone, perhaps you know them in real life, or you just like the sort of things they say and post about.

Generally, the sort of content that most people want to see on Twitter is both primary and secondary content. On Twitter, the primary content of an account is its original tweets, whereas secondary content means the retweets. Realistically though, some people may only be interested in seeing the original tweets from one or more of the accounts that they follow. Thankfully, Twitter offers you the option to hide retweets and only show original content in your timeline.

Note: It’s only possible to hide retweets on an account-by-account basis, you can’t set it as an overall preference. If you want to hide retweets for all accounts that you follow, you’ll need to manually disable them on every account.

How to hide retweets on the website

To hide the retweets from an account on the website, you first need to open the account page or the relevant account. Once you’re on the page of the account, click the triple-dot icon just under the header picture and click “Turn off retweets”.

Click the triple-dot icon just under the header picture, then click “Turn off retweets”.

How to hide retweets in the mobile app

On mobile, the process is very similar. You first need to open the account page of the account you don’t want to see retweets from. Next, tap the triple-dot icon in the top-right corner, then tap “Turn off retweets”.

Tap the triple-dot icon in the top-right corner, then tap “Turn off retweets”.

Tip: The setting applies across your account on all platforms, so you don’t need to do this on both mobile and web, or repeat the process if you get a new phone.

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