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With WhatsApp’s new terms and conditions, many users are worried that WhatsApp is sharing their information with Facebook. That’s resulted in many dropping WhatsApp and moving to message apps such as Telegram and Signal. But, since this is happening at a high rate, receiving new Telegram user notification can get out of hand.

Unless you turn off this notification, you might have to deal with a large amount of joined Telegram notifications. The good news is that this option is easy to turn off. Keep reading to see the few steps you’ll need to follow to stop getting notifications every time someone joins Telegram.

Stop Getting Telegram Notifications When Someone Joins

To get started, open Telegram and tap on the three-lined menu at the top left.

When the side-menu appears, tap on the Settings option.

In Settings, tap on the Notifications and Sounds option.

Swipe down to the Events section. There, you’ll see the Contact joined Telegram option. Toggle that option off, and you can say goodbye to getting those notifications every time one of your contacts joins Telegram. If you ever change your mind and want to turn this option off, you just have to follow these steps and toggle the option.

How to Stop Telegram from Creating Chat Threads for New Joins

By preventing Telegram from syncing your contacts, you’re not allowing the app from showing them on the app. If you would rather add contacts yourself, open Telegram and go to Settings. When the side-menu appears, choose the Privacy and Security option.


There are some things you may like to find out for yourself. The idea of getting a notification for every new user might be just too distracting for some. You can always mute the notifications and still see who joined Telegram when you open the app. That way, you stay informed but don’t get distracted by the notifications. Are the joined Telegram notifications that annoying for you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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