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Many services such as Google Photos keep your pictures safe in the cloud. But, when you have to name one, Google Photos is usually the first one to mind. Some services have more features than others, but does it have an interactive heat map like Google Photos?

The new feature that lets you view your pictures this way is called Map View. As soon as you open the app and tap on the Search option at the bottom, the Map View, where you’ll find the feature, is waiting for you to tap on it and see your pics differently.

How to View Your Google Photos in an Interactive Heat Map

Once you’ve tapped on the Search option, right below People & Pets, if this is the first time you’re looking at the new design, you’ll get a tour that’ll show you all the changes. If you tap on the Explore Map option, it’ll take you to your current location’s heat map. If you want to choose the area or country, tap on the View All option.  Google Photos will also show you all the areas where you’ve taken pictures right under the map itself.

Regardless of the option you choose, you’ll see that heat map on either one. The map will be at the top and your pictures at the bottom. To see the last picture you took in a specific area, tap anywhere in the marked areas, and the latest pic can be seen in the thumbnail.

As you scroll through the images, the main image in the thumb will change. If the picture were taken in a different area, you’d notice how the map will show the picture’s exact location. To show you the exact location where a picture was taken, Google’s new feature uses your camera’s metadata or manual entries.

If you zoom in to a specific area of the map, you’ll notice how the picture grid will change and start to show you the latest pictures you took in that area.


Google’s interactive heat map is a great way for you to know the hotspots for your picture-taking habits. Don’t be surprised if the wrong picture shows up in the results, and even pictures that were shared with you from another country could show up on the map.

This post was written by Judy Sanhz and was first posted to Technipages

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