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How to Save your Logins Details and Passwords with Browsers.

How to Save your Logins Details and Passwords with Browsers post thumbnail
How to Save your Logins Details and Passwords with Browsers post thumbnail
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It is no longer a news that, one of the most important thing protecting your online account from being hijacked is your password. However, the easier your password is to you, the more likelihood that hackers will be able to guess it too.

For this reason, many in a bid to create stronger passwords, use combinations of random letters, numbers and special characters. Some even go as far as using capitalization in some of the letters in the password.

But the downside is, the stronger you make your password, the easier it is for you to forget it. Especially if you do not make use of them often. This is where the save logins and password feature of your browser becomes very most important.

This is because, this feature saves your password for you, so you do not need to memorize them. Most browsers also have a synchronization feature that let you have access to your saved password on any device you specified that is your device.

Below, I will be showing you how to both save your login details including passwords, and also how to access them when the need arises.

How to Save and Access your Password with Firefox.

In the Firefox browser, there are 2 options for saving your logins and password. They are:

Save After Login

Anytime you log into a website on the Firefox browser, you will be shown a pop-up in the top-left section of the Firefox windows, asking if you want to save the login details for this site or not. Edit the username and password field accordingly and click on the save button.

save password request box in firefox

If the Save login dialog box did not show, it means, either you have saved the login details previously or after clicking the sign in button, you also click another section in Firefox.

If the later is the case, then you will see a key icon in the address bar, just before the website name. click on it to bring out the save request box again and save.

This option works for both Firefox desktop and mobile browser.

Save Before Login

To save a login detail before signing into a website, do the following:
Click on the Menu icon and select Saved Logins and Password. Alternatively, you can copy and paste about:logins into the address bar and hit the enter button on your keyboard.

firefox menu option with logins and passwords option selected

Down the left section of the Firefox Lockwise page is a Create New Login button. Click on it, and in the right section fill out the appropriate details and click on the Save button.

firefox lockwise create new login page

My Create New Login button is grayed out because I have already clicked on it so as to reveal the Create New Login form.
The create new login feature works only on Firefox Desktop.

How to Access your Saved Password

Just type in about:logins into the address bar of your Firefox browser and hit the enter key. In the left section of Firefox desktop, above the Create New Login button are the scrollable list of Login credentials you have saved. Click on anyone to have the login details displayed in the right section.

In Firefox Mobile, after you have typed in about:logins and hit enter, all the saved logins will display. Tap on anyone and choose what you want to do with the login details.

How to Save and Access your Logins with Google Chrome.

Unlike in Firefox, the Google Chrome browser allow you to save logins only when you have used it. That is, after you have signed into a website.

After you sign into a website, a save login request dialog box will pop-up at the top-right corner. If you did not see the save login request box and you are have not saved the login credentials for that site before, you will see a key icon at the end of the address bar. Click on it and the box will show.

save password request box in google chrome

Accessing your Saved Passwords in Chrome.

To access your saved password, click on the Menu icon at the top-right and select Settings. Scroll down to the Autofill section and click on Password. Alternatively, you can just type in Chrome://settings/passwords into the address bar and hit enter.

accessing saved password in chrome desktop

Note: The alternative method, that is the typing in of chrome://settings/passwords into the address bar works only on Google Chrome desktop browser and not on mobile.

How to Save your Passwords with Microsoft Edge.

As with Google Chrome, you can only save password with your Microsoft Edge browser have you have sign into the website with Edge.

After you have signed into a website, you will see a save password request notification below the browser. Click on the Save button to save the password.

save password request box in microsoft edge

Accessing your Saved Passwords.

Click on the Menu icon at the top-right and select Settings.

In the left section, select Passwords & autofill, and in the right section under click on the Manage Password buttons.

accessing microsoft edge browser saved passwords step 2

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