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How to Promote Your Business on the Tor Project.

How to Promote Your Business on the Tor Project post thumbnail

The Tor Project has been in the forefront in advocating for the online privacy of users. Because of this, the projects of Tor including their Tor browser has attracted a buzzling community made of millions of users that is ever growing.

While Tor has a buzzling community that businesses can tap into, Tor does not provide businesses that opportunity previously. However, this has changed.

Tor Project Membership Program

On the 31st day of the month of August, 2020, Tor made a press release announcing the launch of the Tor Project Membership Program.

Businesses should be particularly interested in this membership program because it affords them a golden opportunity for them to get their businesses in the eyes and minds of the buzzling Tor Project community users. And already, Avast, DuckDuckGo, Insurgo, Mullvad VPN, and Team Cymru has already taken advantage of this opportunity.

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What you Stand to gain from the Tor Membership Program

As mentioned earlier, the Tor Project community members is not only large with millions of users, but it is also buzzling.

As a business keying into the Tor Project Membership program, Tor will give you several opportunities for you to advertise your business to its users.

You also get direct access to the Tor team for support and consultation purposes. With Onion Advisory group at your disposal, you will get the help needed to integrate Tor into any of your products. And they are also there to answer your business technical questions. Provided the questions is about privacy, censorship circumvention, and other areas that they specialize on.

And finally, your business will be invited to all webinars and exclusive meetings with the Tor Project team, so you will be among the first to learn about what Tor is cooking.

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What Tor ask in Return


That is all they need from you. They will not ask you to teach them anything or share any of your business data with them. All they need from you is your donations.

The donation can be any amount, but it must not be less than $10,000 per year.

After you have made that donation, you (your business) will have unrestricted access to them for the rest of that year.

How to Join the Tor Project Membership Program

This is me quoting Tor: “If you are interested in becoming a member, please reach out to us at

So, send them a mail now, to get your business in the eyes and mind of the Tor Project users.

More details about the Tor Project Membership program can be found >>> HERE <<<.

Why Tor Created the Membership Program

For years, prior to the time I am writing this post, Tor has relied on grants from governments and others in order to support their projects. To the Tor team, this method of generating funds for their projects is both slow and archaic.

This is because, the grant proposal submission, review, and approval process can force them to delay their project for sometimes more than a year. And seeing that the software and online environment is ever changing, it will make it very difficult for them to come up with newer projects that will adapt easily to the change.

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