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Regardless if it’s a song that’s been out for a while or a new song, you just have to repeat it if you like it. Sure, you could re-select from your Spotify list, but that be a bit annoying when you have your hands full at the time.  Good things that Spotify has you covered and some options will loop that song indefinitely.

How to Repeat a Spotify Song Indefinitely

When you just can’t get enough of that one song, you couldn’t care less whose you drive crazy repeating that song over and over again. Since you may already have that song in a playlist, tap the song, so it starts playing. When you hear the music, tap on the song’s name on the same row as the pause and like options.

In the next window, simply tap on the repeat icon. It looks like two arrows that follow each other with a dot at the bottom.

To make the Spotify song repeat, make sure that you tap on this option twice until you see a small one on it. Once it’s there, sit back and relax and listen to your song as many times as you want.

How to Repeat More than One Song on Spotify

There’s obviously going to be more than one song you just can’t enough of. In that case, you can create a new playlist with those few songs you love. There’s no obligation to add more than one song; for those times when you’re too lazy to even press the repeat button, Spotify allows you to create a playlist with only one song. Just add that one song, and without having to tap any buttons, the song will repeat.

Final Thoughts

Looping a song on Spotify is great when you’re in a great mood, and you only want to hear that one song that always cheers you up. What song do you always find yourself repeating? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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