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How to Lock Facebook Messenger App.

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Facebook Messenger is not just an instant messaging app. It is a robust chat app that lets you stay in touch with those you care about the most through text messages, video or voice chat, Rooms and many other features.

Your chat is private, it is meant to be seen only by you and the person you are chatting with. This is why there is a feature in the Facebook Messenger app that allows you to lock the app, so that when someone else get your device, they will not be able to open it to view your chat history.

Below, I will be explaining to you how you can activate the built-in app lock feature of Facebook Messenger. Enjoy

Activate and Deactivate App Lock for Facebook Messenger (iOS devices)

Sadly, as of when I was writing this post, the built-in app lock capability is only available for iPhone and iPad Facebook Messenger users. Other users such as Android users have to still rely on third-party app locking apps. Anyway, I will be keeping an eye on the Messenger app so that as soon as the App Lock feature becomes available, you will be the first to know.

Meanwhile, let’s talk about how to turn on or turn off the App Lock feature of Facebook Messenger for iOS devices.

Step 1

Open the Facebook Messenger app on your device, and sign in if necessary.

Step 2

Tap on your Profile Picture, which is at the top-left of the Chat screen.

Step 3

Locate and tap on Privacy in the Me page.

Step 4

Toggle on or Toggle off the App Lock switch, to activate and deactivate the feature respectively.

Setting up Sign in Credential

Once you turn on the App Lock feature, you will not be asked to set up a password, pin or any other sign in authentication, why?

It is because, the App Lock feature uses your Face or Touch ID which you have already set up on your iOS device as your sign in credential.

Turning off the App Lock feature does not reset your device Face or Touch ID. So, you should not be afraid to turn it off if you so desire.

Video Guide

Here is a six seconds video guide from Facebook on how to turn on or off the Messenger App Lock feature.

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