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How to hide your IP address while browsing the Internet

Vlad Constantinescu
by Vlad Constantinescu

VPN Expert & Privacy Advocate

  • Changing, hiding, or spoofing your IP address can be a great way to fight against privacy violations while you’re browsing the Internet.
  • However, there are multiple ways you can change your IP address; for instance, you could use a VPN. Our guide will help you discover and understand all of them better.
  • Visit the VPN Troubleshooting section page for more easy-to-follow VPN guides.
  • Check out our Privacy Hub to discover more ways you can protect your online privacy.

Hide your IP address

There are countless reasons why someone would consider changing their IP address while navigating the Internet.

One obvious one is to avoid being detected by various malevolent agents.

Another good reason is that your online whereabouts should remain your own private business, and not available for anyone with an itch to see.

The bottom line is that nowadays it makes a lot of sense to cloak your digital identity from just about anyone, and the best way you can do that is by hiding your IP address.

Seasoned privacy veterans may already have a batch of tools and methods to achieve this, but less tech-savvy users need privacy too.

For that reason, we’ll carefully explain to you how IP addresses work, why you may want to change yours, and how to achieve this quickly and without effort.

What is an IP address?

To put it simply, an IP address is but a number that’s used to identify your device (e.g. computer, smartphone) on a network.

All Internet-enabled devices have two sets of IP addresses: a public address, and a private one.

The private one is used to identify your device on your local network, while the public one is available for a wider clientele.

Picture these IP addresses as parts of your physical home address:

  • Private IP address – the name of the recipient, which is ideally only known in the local network (neighborhood) and used for identification purposes
  • Public IP address – the actual address part which is used to pinpoint the recipient on the map

If you want to learn more about IP addresses and the way they work, you should take a look at our comprehensive guide.

Why should you change your IP address?

Changing your IP address may turn out to be a wise decision nowadays, what with all the privacy violations and cyber-attacks on the rise.

Mainly, you should change your IP address if you care about your privacy and security.

Privacy because not sharing your real IP address with anyone online gives you the upper hand.

Trust us, if done right, your IP spoofing could make even your ISP scratch their head when asked about your online whereabouts.

Now come security: if you play a game, or join an IRC chatroom, or do something that might expose your IP address, this piece of info could be easily exploited by a skillful hacker.

Thus, changing your IP address will basically redirect the attacks toward another machine.

How do I hide my IP address while browsing?

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