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How to Hide your Android Device Root Status.

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Rooting your Android smartphone is great, because when your device is rooted, you enjoy 100% control over your device. You will be able to customize virtually anything, uninstall built-in applications that you do not want, and sometimes, you will be able to upgrade your Android OS version, even if your smartphone manufacturer did not provide such an upgrade.

But as it stands, many software developers are now setting their apps in such a way that, it will not work on an Android smartphone that has been rooted. Why?

Security, is the main reason. As I earlier said, rooting your smartphone gives you 100% access to your device. This means that with the right tool, you can modify installed apps and games. For example, people with rooted Android device can modify their games to get unlimited coins, or to unlock all the levels in the game. And things like that.

Now, imagine someone trying to modify their bank app so that it will reflect a higher balance? Well, that is possible when you have a rooted Android device, and it is for such reasons that bank apps, and other apps, have been setup in such a way that it will not work on a device that is rooted.

You do not need to Unroot Your Phone

Even if you are not such a malicious user, in order for you to use such applications that have been programmed so that it will not run on rooted device, you will either need to unroot your phone or use the app on a device that is not rooted.

However, that might be the easy way out, but that is not the only option.

There is a way to hide the Root status of your device from apps, so that they will not know that your phone is rooted even if it is.

If this is what you want to do, then read on. Because, below I will be sharing the best guides on how to hide your device root status from apps that refuses to work on rooted device.

Use your Device Built-in Feature to Hide the Root Status

Some Android device comes with a built-in feature that allows you to hide the root status. However, this option is not available to everyone. To know if your device comes with this feature, do the following:

Open your device Settings, scroll down, and tap on Developer Options.
It is virtually impossible not to see Developer Options if your phone is rooted. However, in case you did not see the Developer Options, then tap on About device, and then tap on Build Number option 7 times consecutively, to unhide the Developer Options.

Once you have received the Developer mode has been enabled message, go back to the Settings main menu and open the Developer Option. Then Toggle on the Developer options to activate it.

Scroll down, locate Root access and tap on it. It will pop up a menu where you can choose to disable Root Access entirely or disable apps from accessing the root function.

Any action or option you choose, know that it will only stop access to the root function, it will not unroot your phone.

Hide your Device Root Status Using Hide my Root App

Hide my Root is an application created solely for the purpose of disabling (hiding) app access to root, and also uninstalling the Superuser (SU) app. Here is how to use it.

First, download and install the Hide my Root app. (Download)

Launch the app and grant it Superuser permission.

Next, tap on the Hide the su binary option.

The app will automatically start the process of stopping access to your device root features. Please, do not minimize or close the application, wait patiently for some few seconds until you see the Successfully hide su binary message.

If it is unsuccessful, then the next app (Magisk Manager app) is your last resort.

Hide your Device Root Status Using Magisk Manager App

If your device does not have the built-in option to disable root access, then, Magisk app is the next best option you have. Here is how to use Magisk to hide your Android device root status.

Download and install the Magisk Manager app. (Download)

Launch the Magisk Manager app, tap on the Menu icon at the top-left. From the list of options, tap on Magisk Hide.

The list of all your installed app will show. Now, locate the app that is refusing to work because your device is rooted. Once you have, tap on the dot at the right of the app to check it. That is all.

an image displaying the 3 steps need to hide android smartphone root status from apps.
picture credit iconGadget Hacks

Once done, Magisk will prevent that app from checking the root status of your phone. Hence, they will not know if your device is rooted or not. Note, that you may need to restart your device for this change to take effect.

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