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You try to avoid it, but sometimes things can get a little out of hand when it comes to tabs. You need to have certain tabs open, and others need to be open just in case. Before you know it, you have so many tabs open; it’s almost a mission impossible to find the one you need.

The good news is that Chrome has an option where you can group your tabs in groups. This way, your tabs are easier to find are you can get things done faster since you can locate the tabs you need faster. Keep reading to see how you can organize your Chrome tabs on your computer and Android device.

How to Organize Your Chrome Tabs

Once you’ve used Chrome for a bit, you should have a few tabs open. Right-click on any tab and the group option will be the second one on the list.

Once the tab is added to a group, it’s time to name your group and give it a group color. Organizing your tabs by color will make them easier to find. The colors you can choose from will be in a row at the top, and to name your tab group make sure to right-click.

Additional Options

Below the colors, you’ll see options to add a new tab to the specific color group. Other options that’ll be listed are Ungroup, Close Group, and Move group to a new window. This last option is great when you have too many tabs open and need to clear some of them.

The Ungroup option means that one particular tab will be removed from that color group. Don’t worry, if you ever change your mind, you can always put it back.

When you open a new tab in a specific color group, the tabs that belong to that group will be highlighted in that color. If you ever change your mind and want to assign that group another color, you can. Click on the colored circle, and color options will appear. Choose your new color, and you’re good to go.

By clicking on the colored circle, you can hide the tabs that belong to that group, and to make it re-appear, click on the colored circle again. If you ever want to add another tab to an already existing group, right-click on the tab and choose one of the groups you already set up. Make sure to place the cursor to the add tab to the group option for the side-menu to appear.

You’ll also see the option to add the tab to another window as well. You can also drag the tab you want to add to the color group, and it’ll be added automatically.

It’s also possible to arrange the color group in a specific order. Click on the colored circle or the group’s name (if you named your group) and drag it to its new position. When you no longer need a tab in a group, right-click on the tab and click on the Remove from group option.

How to Manage Tab Groups in Chrome for Android

Since you’re not always going to be on your computer, it’s a good idea to know how to manage the tabs for Chrome on your Android device. After using Chrome for a while, you probably have quite a few tabs open. At the top right, you should see the total of open tabs. Tap on it.

You should now see the open tabs in a grid. To put two tabs in the same group, drag one tab on top of the other one. When you let go, they will now be in the same group. Repeat the process if you want to add more. Whenever you want to close a group of tabs, tap on the X, and all tabs will be closed.

When you open a group of tabs, you’ll ch one of them at the bottom. If you want to add a tab, tap on the plus sign at the bottom right.Whenever you want to view the tabs, tap on the arrow pointing up at the bottom left.


When you have your tabs organized, they are much easier to find. You don’t waste time trying to find where in the world is that one tab you need. By knowing how to customize your Chrome tabs, you can give it your own personal touch while staying organized.

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