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How to get rid of the black tinted screen in Valheim

It’s also the case with colored-tinted screens (red, blue, black) recently noted by some players. According to their experiences, their screen gets colored. While this doesn’t affect the gameplay in any way, it’s still visually disturbing.

The issue appears randomly when played in full-screen mode or influenced by other items in the game, as one user says:

I’ve had this issue where objects in the game become little mini suns, and looking around will turn other objects into little mini suns. After a few seconds, the suns calm down, and the screen with either tint blue or red.

A trick that one gamer used was to notice when the Valheim blue screen appeared – it started from an object and then spread out. So she figured out that moving the mouse or camera away from it would prevent the screen from coloring.

But here are other tested solutions that worked for players so far.

How can I fix a Valheim black screen?

1. Update the graphics driver

update graphics driver

Display issues are oftentimes caused by outdated drivers. While these are automatically updated along other Windows processes and apps, sometimes they need manual updates.

One way to make sure your drivers are up to date is to open Device Manager, right-click on your display driver and click on Update driver.

It is possible that this process tells you that there are no updates for your driver. But maybe there are details that you don’t know about the process.

This is why we recommend using a dedicated driver updating software such as DriverFix. With just one click, it will scan your device and inform you of all the necessary driver updates.

Setting up the tool is extremely easy, so is using it. Not to mention that you can periodically scan your device and make sure that the system is in top shape.

This post was written by Teodor Nechita and was first posted to WindowsReport

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