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How to fix Windows 10 Update and Security tab not working

Shortly, by accessing the Update & Security window you can scan for new updates, apply certain updates, remove recently installed patches, initiate a system recovery operation and perform similar other processes.

However, sometimes you might notice that the Update & Security tab cannot be accessed. This is quite a common Windows 10 error caused by corrupted system files or by other Windows 10 malfunctions.

Fortunately, there are a few solutions that you can use to fix the Update & Security tab.

How can I resolve the Windows 10 Update & Security tab?

  1. Run the System File Checker tool
  2. Scan and fix errors using DISM commands
  3. Change the Windows 10 account
  4. Perform a system restore

1.Run the System File Checker tool

  1. Type cmd in the Seach box and click on Run as administrator under the Command Prompt app.
  2. Type sfc /scannow and press Enter.Sfc scannow
  3. Wait until the scan is completed (it might take a while depending on how many files are stored on your computer).
  4. If problems are found the troubleshooter should fix them automatically.
  5. Don’t forget to restart your PC in the end.

If you need to know more about System File Checker, we have an excellent guide on how to use it.

2. Scan and fix errors using DISM commands

  1. Start a Command Prompt window as explained above.
  2. Enter the following commands (press Enter after each entry): Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth; Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth; Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth.
  3. Close the command prompt window and restart the Windows 10 system.

If you want to learn everything there is to know about using DISM commands check our handy guide.

3. Change the Windows 10 account

  1. Click on the Cortana icon, located near the Start button.
  2. In the Search box enter settings and pick Settings from the resulted 10 update and security not working
  3. Then, click on Account and go to Other user accounts.
  4. Select Add an account from Manage other accounts.
  5. You will have to pick Sign in without a Microsoft account and Local account.
  6. Fill out the forms and save your 10 update and security not working
  7. Switch to the newly created account and verify if you can access the Update & Security tab.

The problem might be associated with one particular account. So, it’s recommended to create a new account as from afterward you might be able to access the Windows 10 Update & Security tab again.

4. Perform a system restore

Run system restore
  1. While booting your Windows 10 system, tap repeatedly on F11.
  2. This should bring the Windows 10 Advanced Startup Options menu.
  3. From there select Troubleshoot.
  4. From here you can choose to Reset your computer (which should be completed only if restoring it isn’t fixing your problem) or to access Advanced options.
  5. Click on the second entry and then pick System Restore.
  6. From that point follow on-screen prompts in order to restore your device to a state where everything used to run without problems – be careful as you might lose some apps or programs (depending on which date you choose for the restore process).
  7. Remember: you can also choose to Reset your PC for trying to fix the Update & Security error. If you want to make a reset make sure you choose to keep your personal files as otherwise everything will be wiped out.

If our steps above look too complicated, we also have a complete guide on how to create and use a System Restore Point in Windows 10.

Hopefully, you managed to solve the Windows 10 Update & Security tab not working issue.

Usually, one of the troubleshooting solutions from above is fixing this Windows 10 problem without having to initiate a clean install of the system itself.

However, depending on each situation and how you use your Windows 10 device, the solutions might differ.

This post was written by Andrew Wafer and was first posted to WindowsReport

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