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How to fix Valheim’s multiplayer lag on dedicated servers

Valheim offers all the necessary tools for players to set up their own servers and enjoy this experience together. However, many have complained on forums of server lag, which considerably cuts down on the gaming adrenaline:

I bought mine from a site that I don’t want to mention by name for now, and we have built a medium-sized base. Nothing absolutely huge and massive, and we are now starting to experience MAJOR server-side lag. Chests won’t open, enemies run in place, etc.

The issue arises, experienced players say, because the server is limiting the outbound bytes/seconds to each client.

How do I bypass Valheim dedicated server lag?

valheim increase server speed
  1. Close the hosting server.
  2. Download all the game files from SteamLibrarysteamappscommonValheimvalheim_DataManaged
  3. Download this dnSpy tool.
  4. Open the assembly_valheim.dll file in valheim_Data or valheim_server_Data.
  5. Find ZDOMan inside the assembly.
  6. Find m_dataPerSec, right-click on it, choose Edit class and change the value to something larger. Adding just a 0 might considerably improve speeds.
  7. Click Compile in the lower right of the class editor window.
  8. Go to File and choose Save Module (not CTRL+S).
  9. Restart the server and start playing.
  10. Check if the speeds have improved in the F2 menu.

Players noted that rasing the server send speed limits from 64kb/s to 94kb/s improved things.

Additionally, they also recommend increasing the send limits on the client’s side as well.

It is important, though, to change the server’s limits first, and then attempt a change on the client’s side. Also, the Managed file needs to be downloaded completely.

As noted by the players, this is only a workaround. However, the game developers have taken note of the issues and will most likely work on a stable fix in future releases.

This post was written by Sinziana Mihalache and was first posted to WindowsReport

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