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You can let other Teams users know you’re available to chat by setting your status to Available. On the other hand, if you’re busy and don’t want anyone to disturb your workflow, you can set your status to Do Not Disturb.

But Microsoft Teams may sometimes fail to change your status. Irrespective of the status you select, the app won’t replace your old status message. Your Teams status may sometimes get stuck on Away, Do Not Disturb, Out of Office, Busy, Presenting, Unknown, and so on. Let’s see how you can fix this issue.

What to Do If Microsoft Teams Is Not Changing Status

⇒ Quick Fix: Log out of your Teams account. Then try to change your status using the web or mobile Teams app. Hit the Reset status button and check the results.

reset status microsoft teams

Update the App

Update the Teams app and check if this solves your status problem. Click on your profile picture and hit Check for updates.


Additionally, update your operating system version. Go to Settings Update & SecurityWindows Update and hit the Check for updates button.

update windows 10

Go into a Video Meeting

launch microsoft teams meeting

Many Teams users solved this status problem by going into a video meeting and then leaving it. Ask one of your friends to quickly launch a meeting, hit the Join button, wait a few seconds and then leave the meeting.

You can also use the Meet Now option to quickly create and join meetings. You can read more about this feature in our Meet Now guide.

Create an All Day Meeting or OOO Reply

Other users managed to fix this issue by creating a new all-day meeting. Save the meeting and wait for two minutes. Then cancel the meeting and check if this action refreshed your Teams status.

Alternatively, you can set an Out of Office reply to appear at a time close to the moment you are setting it up. Schedule it to shut off after 15 minutes. This should unlock your status.

Clear the Teams Cache

Your Teams cache folder is the place where the app stores all the temporary files from previous sessions. If you change your settings during the current session, the changes will be stored in the same Cache file. Problems start to arise when the app is unable to replace the old settings (in our case, your old status) with the new ones.

  1. Right-click the Teams icon in the taskbar and select Quit to exit the app.
  2. Then type in %appdata%Microsoftteams in the Windows search bar.
  3. Locate and delete all the files from the folders below:
    • %appdata%Microsoftteamsapplication cachecache
    • %appdata%Microsoftteamsblob_storage
    • %appdata%MicrosoftteamsCache
    • %appdata%Microsoftteamsdatabases
    • %appdata%MicrosoftteamsGPUcache
    • %appdata%MicrosoftteamsIndexedDB
    • %appdata%MicrosoftteamsLocal Storage
    • %appdata%Microsoftteamstmpdelete teams cache files.delete teams cache files
  4. Restart your machine, and launch Teams. Try to change your status to test if it works.

Delete the Settings File

Your Microsoft Teams settings are stored in a dedicated file called settings.json. If you change the settings using a different computer, the local settings.json file will automatically update all the other devices.

Try removing your current settings file and check if your Teams status is still stuck.

  1. Type %appdata%Microsoftteams in the Windows Search bar.
  2. Scroll down and locate the settings.json file. Copy it to your desktop, just in teams settings file
  3. Then delete the settings.json file from the Teams folder.
  4. Log out of your account. Restart your computer and sign back into Microsoft Teams.


Microsoft Teams may sometimes fail to update your status. If your status got stuck, use the reset option, set up an all-day meeting, and delete it. Clearing the cache and deleting the settings.json file from the Teams folder may also help.

Let us know which solution did the trick for you. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

This post was written by Madalina Dinita and was first posted to Technipages

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