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How to fix Kmode exception not handled error [11 Steps]

For this particular instance, the error also includes the problematic file – bdselfpr.sys.

Users reported that changing the name of the problematic file, for example, bdselfpr.sys to bdselfpr.s__ has fixed the problem for them.

Bear in mind that changing the name of these files isn’t always the best solution, because it can lead to even more system instability.

If you plan to change the name of the file that is causing this issue to perform quick research and make sure that you’re not changing the name of any crucial system file.

Make a wise decision and install a tool to rename files more easily!

5. Uninstall ON/OFF Gigabyte

Uninstall ON/OFF Gigabyte

ON/OFF Gigabyte is a program designed to work with USB power stations, however, users reported that the driver for this software is outdated and incompatible with Windows 10.

If you use such software on your device, make sure to remove it. You can use the IObit Uninstaller program mentioned in the second solution in this article.

6. Uninstall your antivirus software

Uninstall your antivirus software

Sometimes the kmode_exception_not_handled error can be caused by your antivirus software.

Users reported that McAfee antivirus software is responsible for this error, so in order to fix it, it’s advised that you remove this software from your computer.

After you’ve uninstalled McAfee antivirus, y

On this note, we suggest using a professional uninstaller tool such as IObit Uninstaller to completely remove any files and registry items related to the faulty antivirus.

Such software is the best way to clean your device from unwanted items and prepare it for fresh apps.

IObit Uninstaller

IObit Uninstaller

Don’t let traces of uninstalled programs interfere with other apps and uninstall them with IObit Uninstaller.

Note that we advise against leaving your device unprotected.

Therefore, after uninstalling the initial antivirus, you should install a different protection software on your Windows 10 PC. A more reliable one or an antivirus will minimal impact on the system.

Bitdefender is such a program, that offers top-notch protection against any type of online threat. While it is a powerful tool, when used in certain activity modes it can perfectly balance real-time protection and take up on your device’s resources.

Get Bitdefender

This post was written by Milan Stanojevic and was first posted to WindowsReport

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