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How to Enable Live Caption on Chrome Canary.

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Live Caption is an amazing feature that Google is trying to build into the Chrome browser and Chrome OS. This feature is already on Google Pixel 2 and some selected Android phone running on Android 10 and above.

The Live Caption, features an AI transcribing the audio from media, such as videos, podcast and others. This feature is great, because it will enable those with hearing problems not to miss out on what is being said, as they can read the full transcript of the audio.

As of now, the Live Caption feature is only available on Chrome Canary browser, because it is still under development. When Google has finished developing the feature, it will be added to the normal Chrome browser you are using, and also to the Chrome OS.

Meanwhile, if you do not wish to wait till it is added to the traditional Chrome Browser, or if you are already using the Google Chrome Canary browser, here are the steps needed to enable the Live Caption feature on Chrome Canary.

Activating Live Caption on Chrome Canary

Download and install the Chrome Canary browser, if you haven’t. here is the download link.

Open the Chrome Canary browser, type in, or copy and paste chrome://flags/#enable-accessibility-live-captions into the browser’s address bar, then hit the Enter button on your keyboard.

Enable the Live Caption from the Live Caption Flagship page. Then restart the browser. That is, close the Chrome Canary browser and open it again.

Now, head to Settings > Accessibility > Live Caption, then toggle on the Live Caption switch.
And that is all.

What is Chrome Canary Browser?

Chrome Canary browser is a browser that Google developed specifically for Website developers, so that they can use it to test out the compatibility of the new features coming to Chrome with their website. Hence, the developers can get their website ready before the feature is available to the general public.

However, you must not be a website developer before you can use the Google Chrome Canary browser. If you love testing out new features (for example, the Live Capture feature) before they become available to the general public, then you can also download and install the Chrome Canary browser in your computer.

Do not worry, Chrome Canary, will not replace the already installed Chrome browser in your computer. Those two browsers can be safely installed in your computer. One will not intrude on the smooth functioning of the other.

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