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How to edit 4k videos

That being the case, we’ve decided to create this guide that will show you exactly what you need to do in order to edit 4K videos.

Vieweing and editing 4K videos

The only difference per se between a 4K video and an HD or SD video is strictly the image quality and the resolution.

However, since more pixels need to be processed per frame at any given time, the CPU and GPU load is exponentially higher with 4K videos than with HD or SD videos.

That being the case, you will an above-average PC with a crystal-clear monitor in order to video the 4K video.

Of course, this requirement also translates itself to video editing as well, since the CPU and GPU requirements are even higher than when you are just plain viewing the video.

How can I edit 4K videos?

Use a professional-grade video editor

The software also differs when talking about 4K videos, since not any crummy freeware that you can download off of the Internet will be able to handle 4K video editing.

That being the case, your only solution is to go with a borderline professional software solution, and no tool is better for this job than Adobe Premiere Pro.

This timeline-based video editor from Adobe is perfectly capable of handling 4K videos (and even 8K for that matter), the only limitations being your hardware and whether it is capable of handling the load.

You can use Premiere to do anything with the video, from taking the raw footage to cropping it, adding a different soundtrack to it, adding special effects (with a little help from Adobe After Effects), and more.

Normally, this tool would only be available with a subscription, but we consider that the program is well worth the money, especially if editing 4K videos is something that you do for a living.

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