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How To Easily Promote Your WhatsApp Business on Social Media.

Because of the easy in communication that WhatsApp provides, more and more businesses are turning to it as a means to boost personal relationship with their customer.
However, getting new and even existing customers to join your business in WhatsApp can be a challenge.

The Challenge

For businesses using either WhatsApp for Business or their Personal WhatsApp account, it is a challenge for them to get their customer to start connecting with them via WhatsApp because typically, before you can connect with anybody on WhatsApp, that person have to be in your phone contact list first.

So the challenge for most businesses using social media to promote their WhatsApp business contact is figuring what they will say to potential customers that will make them:

  • Copy the business WhatsApp number
  • Log out or minimize their social media newsfeed
  • Open their smartphone contact app
  • Save the business WhatsApp number before they will have to open the WhatsApp app so that they can contact the business.

A lot of steps right? What about if I tell you that there is an easy what out?

The Easy Way

The easy way for businesses to promote their WhatsApp contact on social media is by them utilizing the WhatsApp click to chat API, and the WhatsApp Product Link feature.

The WhatsApp Click to Chat API

With this API, all a customer needs to do is to click on the API link in the post you made on social media and the customer WhatsApp will open with your business chat page so that the customer can start connecting with you without having to first, save your business WhatsApp number on their phone. isn’t that amazing?

And do you know what? With the API, you can set a predefined introductory message so that the customer will not have start thinking of how to start the conversation.

How to Use The API

To use the API, all you need do is add your business WhatsApp number in front of


  • Your business WhatsApp number: (080)17375281
  • Your country code is: +234
  • WhatsApp API link will be

It is important that if your WhatsApp number start with 0, you should remove it like I did above.
Also if you use to add a dash or bracket or other symbols to your number, you should also remove them. So instead of it should be

How To Add The Predefined Introductory Message

Adding predefined introductory message is a little tricky because white space is represented by %20.


Introductory Text: Hi, am interested in a product.
API Link:

The WhatsApp Product Link

If you use WhatsApp Business, rather that the normal WhatsApp app, you will be able to create a product category containing all the product(s) or service(s) you offer.

This product category and each individual product you add to the category has a link. You can share these links on social media so that people will be able to use it, to see your products.

When they click on the link you shared via social media, their WhatsApp app will open with your product details, and from there, they can get in touch with you.

I have put up a separate on how to locate and share WhatsApp category and product link. Check it out if you are interested.

Will you be using the API, or have you used it before? Please tell us your experience.

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