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How to draw with a mouse on your PC with astonishing results

Even though the mouse was not created for drawing, there are some extremely precise gaming mice, that can be used even for this task.

Drawing complicated shapes, especially curved lines with a mouse, even though uncomfortable, can be done with enough practice and the right software.

In this guide, we compiled some of the best techniques that can help you draw with a mouse by using adaptable software.

Quick Tip:

Creating art by using your mouse on your PC can have its disadvantages, and that is exactly why you need to use powerful and versatile software that will give you a competitive edge: Adobe Photoshop.

This amazing software ensures that even though you might be limited in the exactity with which you can draw your artwork’s lines, you will never be limited in the chapter of editing potential.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop allows you to create amazing looking artworks by using only your mouse, and the wide plethora of digital tools offered.

How can I draw with a mouse on my PC?

1. Scan or photograph your drawings

The most simple method is by cheating a little bit, because you’re not using the mouse for the whole process.

You can sketch the outlines of the shapes on a blank sheet of white paper and scan your artwork.

Once you scan or photograph your artwork, you can transfer it to your project, and use it as a background layer with low contrast, to follow the specific lines with your pen tool, by using your mouse.

The tools and brushes on this software will get you to an extraordinary and original result with only a steep learning curve of the program.

This post was written by Claudiu Andone and was first posted to WindowsReport

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