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How to Download Odin for MacOS Computers.

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Odin is a piece of software that was developed by Samsung, to help Samsung personnel and other approved developers, to be able to flash or make adjustments to Samsung smartphone Android firmware.

Firmware, as used in this article, refers to the built-in apps, settings, Android version, user interface and everything in between, of a Samsung Android smartphone.

Odin is Official but Usage isn’t

As mentioned above, the Odin software is an official app developed by Samsung for the use of selected individuals. However, Samsung wasn’t able to keep a tight grip on it, so it leaked, and thus, you can get it from download sites not own or managed by Samsung.

However, using the Odin software on your device might void your Warranty with Samsung, because, as it stands, you are not among the approved personnel to use it.

Odin isn’t for only Windows Anymore

For years, the only version of the Odin software that was leaked is the one made for computer running the Windows operating system (OS).

However, due to the brilliance of XDA Adam Outler a developer, he was able to customize the leaked Windows version of Samsung’s Odin, and make it compatible with computers using MacOS.

Download Link

For more details about XDA project on Odin for MacOS computers and the download link, click > HERE <

If you are only interested in the download link, > HERE < is the direct download link.

How to Install and use Odin for MacOS

After you have downloaded the Odin file for MacOS on your computer, unzip the file into a new folder/directory.

Then from the folder containing the extracted files, locate and double-click on the Odin launcher icon to open the software.

Once the Odin software opens, it will start downloading and installing all the libraries needed for the it to work properly. Wait few minutes for the download to complete.

Once it is complete, then you are set to start using Samsung Odin on your MacOS computer.

However, there are some things you need to do to get your computer ready, before you start the installation process above.

Before you Install Odin for MacOS

In order for this Samsung Odin to work on your MacOS computer, you need to have the latest version of MacOS. At least, the operating system version should not be older that the one released in 2018.

If you have the latest version of macOS, the next thing is to install Samsung phone drivers to your computer. Without it, you will not be able to use the Odin to do anything on a Samsung device.

Then, you need to uninstall Samsung Kies from Mac.

And finally, you need to download and install the latest version of Java.

A Reminder

Odin is an official Samsung software, but this Odin for Mac is not officially from Samsung. Hence, using it on your device might void it warranty.

However, whether it is on Samsung or any other device, tampering with the firmware by rooting, changing the boot loader, and others will result in the same thing. Voiding your device warranty.

So, if your device is still under a warranty period, or if you are thinking of swapping your device for another one from the manufacturer (Samsung), I will not recommend that you use Odin or any other firmware tampering software on it.

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