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How to Download Instagram Live Videos (IG Stories)

Missed the live Instagram stream of a person you’re following? No problem! In this guide we will see several options to download live Instagram videos and not miss any live broadcast.

The “Live” arrived on Instagram a few years ago to allow the transmission of live video, an interesting function for communicating with other users which, however, has a limit: if you decide to save the lives after making them, they are only kept for 24 hours in your profile, just like the stories.

On the other hand, not all users save them, so you know you won’t be able to see their live stream once it’s done.

To avoid missing your live show or that of other users, you can download and save them on your mobile, where you can see them whenever you want.

The problem arises when what we want is to download other people’s live Instagram videos , since in this case the social network does not offer us any options.

However, nowadays, thanks to the number of apps available that we can find in the official stores of the different platforms, it is possible to find tools that allow us to download live Instagram videos of other users.

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In this article we explain the two methods you can use to download these live videos, both yours and those of other accounts.

How to download Instagram live videos

How to Download Instagram Live Videos (step by step)

At the beginning, the live or live videos of Instagram could only be seen at the time of broadcasting, but over time, the social network has included the possibility of sharing your video for a maximum duration of 24 hours in your Stories.

Therefore, many people are wondering how to download live videos from Instagram on their phone to be able to watch them whenever they want and as often as they want.

How to Download Your Instagram live Video Stream

Shortly after integrating the “Live Videos” feature, Instagram added the ability to download these live videos. Thanks to this tool, downloading the live streams you do on the social platform is very, very simple, although you should be careful, as you can only do it right after you finish them.

At the end of a live show, on the screen that appears with information on the number of users who have entered your live video, you will see a button that enables the download of the live video to your phone. It’s an arrow icon, the usual download icon, which is located in the top corner.

By clicking on this button, the video that was live will be downloaded to your mobile phone, although you will not be able to see the comments or hearts that users have sent to you during the broadcast.

Before sharing the live in your stories or deleting it, remember to click the download button if you don’t want to lose the video.

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In summary, to download your own Instagram Live Video Broadcast, follow these steps:

  • Start Instagram live video
  • Once you are done, select “SAVE” from the option to share and save
  • The ‘Save’ button is located at the top-right corner of the phone’s screen to save the videos on your device.

Note that if you forget to save immediately your share the video, you will have 24 hours to do so until the video disappears.

Another method to save posted Insta Live Video (story) is to download and use an app called Save Story from Play Store. Login with your Instagram username and password, then download and save any live insta live video of your choice.

This app also allows you to download Insta stories of other users but remember to seek for the person’s permission before using saving or using their videos or pictures.

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How to Download Other User’s Instagram Live Video Stories

Instagram doesn’t have a feature in its application that allows you to download live shows that other users have created.
For example, if your favorite singer has done a live concert via IG and you want to save it, you can’t do it without resorting to other third-party applications.

One of the best apps that we can install on our mobile to download the live streams of other users on Instagram is AZ Screen Recorder. As the name suggests, it is an app designed to record everything we do on our mobile phone screen, therefore, it allows us to record live Instagram videos that any user is streaming.

AZ Screen Recorder is available for download and installation totally free on Google Play for Android devices, although it has a paid version with more functions and allows us to record the screen of our device in Full HD and QHD, it supports pausing of recording and manual continuation, record audio from microphone, save videos directly to SD card, etc.

Below you can find other possible solutions to record the screen while another user is broadcasting live on Instagram, in a way that everything that appears on the screen is recorded in a video that is stored on your phone.

To record the screen of your Android phone we recommend the following 3 applications:

All these screen recording apps works in similar way:

  • To record, just enter the IG live Video you want to save/download
  • Press the “record button”
  • Record till when the broadcast ends, then stop the screen recording.
  • In this way, you will have recorded the live broadcast on Instagram in a video that will be stored on your phone and that you can watch whenever you want.

This way you will also be able to see the comments and hearts that other users have sent during the live broadcast, information not available when downloading your live.

At the moment, recording your mobile screen during a live show on Instagram is the best possible option to download this type of video from the platform when broadcast by other users.

It should be noted that screen recording is also a good solution if you have published your live show in your “stories” and forgot to download it as soon as you have finished it.

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Therefore, if you record the screen while playing the live stream, it will convert it into a video that you can keep on your device.

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