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Establishing a new goal doesn’t always just have come with the new year. You can create them at any time, any why not now. You can make it a goal to spend more time with friends or workout more. Good thing that Google Calendar lets you create routines so you can finally reach those goals.

Google Maps makes it easy for you to reach your goals. It’ll show you every step you need to follow to create your goal. You won’t be able to use the excuse that you don’t have time, and you’ll see why later on.

How to Make and Manage Goals on Google Calendar

To create a Google Calendar goal, open the app and tap on the plus button at the bottom right. The goal option will be the first one on the list.

After tapping on the Goal option, you’ll see the types of goals you can create. For example, you can make goals such as:

  • Exercise
  • Build a Skill
  • Family and Friends
  • Me time
  • Organize my life

Once you’ve chosen your goal, there are some questions you’ll need to answer, such as Which activity? Google only displays Read, Meditate, Personal hobby, and custom. If you choose Personal Hobby, you’ll be asked to specify and type in the specific personal hobby. The same goes for the Custom option. Google Calendar will display some suggestions, but you’ll need to type them if you don’t see any you can use.

Once you’ve decided on a goal, you’ll be asked to enter how many times a week you would like to practice your goal. It’ll also ask you how much time you want to spend on your goal.

To schedule the best times, it’ll also ask you the best time to practice your goal. You can choose from Morning, Afternoon, Evening, and any time. Once you’ve entered all this information, it¡ll display it before making it final just in case you want to make any changes. If everything looks good, tap on the checkmark, and you’re good to go.

Last-Minute Changes

The information will be added to your calendar. But, if you changed your mind at the last minute, Google Calendar will display a message at the bottom.

If you tap on the Adjust time option, Google Calendar will show you the following image. To make any changes, tap on the pencil icon at the top. To erase the goal altogether, tap on the dots and choose the delete option.


In the Goal’s settings, which can be accessed when you edit it, you’ll see a Smart Notifications option. You can enable this option, so you’re notified before and after your goal session. It’ll help you prepare and track the progress of your goal.  You can also change the default color if you’re not happy with the one Google assigned your goal.

Since you have many things to do already, you can also assign Google Calendar to remind you that your goal time is coming up.


You might so many things to do that finally getting started with your goals is almost a mission impossible. Google Calendar tries to make it a little easier for you by finding the time to practice your goal for you. It’s up to you to stick to that schedule to finally cross off that goal from your list. What goals would you like to accomplish this year? Let me know in the comments below.

This post was written by Judy Sanhz and was first posted to Technipages

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