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How to create a collection of web pages in Microsoft Edge

In Edge, you can save a group of web pages and other content in a single collection to organize and use them together.


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You’re conducting research via the web and want to save and collate all the web pages and other online information related to your project. You can try to do that manually, but if you use Microsoft Edge, you can let the browser handle some of the manual labor for you. Edge gives you the ability to save web pages, selected text, and images to a collection. You can create multiple collections and then review each one to refer to your research. You can even work with collections in both the desktop and mobile versions of Edge.

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Open Edge and browse to the first page you want to add to your collection. Click the ellipsis icon in the upper-right and select Collections (Figure A).

Figure A


Click in the name field for New Collection and type a more specific and useful name for your collection. To add the existing webpage to your collection, click the link or button to Add Current Page (Figure B).

Figure B


The current page appears in the collection pane. Browse to additional pages and use the same steps to add them to your collection. At any point in the process, you can add a note to describe your collection in greater detail. Click the Note icon at the top and type your note. In the Note field, you can apply certain attributes and formatting, such as bold, italics, bullet points, and color. Click the checkmark to save the note (Figure C).

Figure C


You can also change the order of the pages. Click the ellipsis icon and opt to sort them by date created or by name (Figure D).

Figure D


You can perform other tasks at the same menu. Again, click the ellipsis icon. Select Open All to open all the pages listed in your collection. Select Copy All to copy the name and URL of each page so that you can paste it all into another application or a document (Figure E).

Figure E


You can directly send the collection to another application. From the same menu, select one of the Send To options: Send To Excel, Send To OneNote, Send To Word, or Send To Pinterest (Figure F).

Figure F


Next, you can run a command on just selected pages in the collection. Hover your mouse over a specific page and then check the white checkbox that appears. You can check multiple pages this way. At the top of the menu, you can then copy, share, or delete the selected pages (Figure G).

Figure G


You can add more than just entire webpages to your collection. Browse to a page and select a portion of text. Then drag the selection into a specific spot in the collection pane. Find an image that you want to add and drag that image into the pane as well (Figure H).

Figure H


You can easily start a new collection. Click the left arrow next to the name of your current collection. Click the link to Start New Collection and repeat the same steps to generate and build your new one. At the main Collections pane, you can then view either collection. To delete a collection you no longer need, check its checkbox and then click the trash can icon (Figure I).

Figure I


Finally, to access the same collections on both the desktop and mobile versions of Edge, make sure you’ve enabled syncing on both ends. In the mobile version, tap the star icon on the toolbar and select the icon for Collections. You should then see the same collections you created in the desktop version. Any changes you make to them in the mobile version will then sync with the desktop browser (Figure J).

Figure J


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