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How to Collaborate on a YouTube Music Playlist

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We often message links to new music we discover with friends. But sharing links is cumbersome, and if the recipient doesn’t open it immediately, the text can easily get lost in the shuffle. Fortunately, if you’re a YouTube Music subscriber, there are collaborative playlists.

On YouTube Music, you have the ability to collaborate on a playlist and allow other users to add tracks to it—similar to how you can edit a Google Doc together. To get started, make sure you have the latest version of YouTube Music installed on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

Open YouTube Music and visit the “Library” tab by tapping the button in the bottom-right corner.

Visit the Library tab on YouTube Music

Select “Playlists” and create a new playlist with the “New Playlist” option.

Create a new playlist on YouTube Music

Enter a title and set the playlist’s “Privacy” setting to either “Public” or “Unlisted.” Picking “Public” means anyone can look it up and access it on YouTube Music. “Unlisted” restricts its visibility to only the people who have a direct link. Hit “Create” to save your new playlist.

Save new playlist on YouTUbe Music

In the updated list, tap the three-dot menu icon to the right of the new playlist and then select “Edit Playlist.”

Edit a playlist on YouTube Music

Tap the “Collaborate” option.

Collaborate on a YouTube Music playlist

On the following screen, enable the “Collaborators can add songs and videos” toggle.

Add collaborators to a YouTube Music playlist

Under that toggle, a new link should be now available. To invite someone as a collaborator, share this URL with them.

Invite collaborators on a YouTube Music playlist

When they open the link, they will automatically become a member and will have the permission to add songs to it like any other normal playlist.

You can add collaborators to your existing playlists too from each item’s three-dot menu icon > Edit Playlist menu. By default, all your playlists are private. You will have to edit its Privacy dropdown, which is located beside the “Collaborate” button.

Edit privacy of a YouTube Music playlist

These settings are available on YouTube Music’s website, too. The steps largely remain identical. There, visit the “Library” section, click a playlist’s three-dot menu button, then select “Edit Playlist.”

Add collaborators to YouTube Music playlist on website

Under the “Collaborate” tab, switch on the “Collaborators can add songs and videos to this playlist” toggle. Hit “Done” to save the changes.

Enable collaboration on a YouTube Music playlist

If you’re not a YouTube Music subscriber, collaborative playlists are also available on Spotify.

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