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How to Clear an app Cache on Android and iOS Smartphone.

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Cache are files downloaded and store offline by an application, so that when it required in the future, the file does not need to be downloaded again, and again. Let me give you an example.

Let’s say you view a status on your WhatsApp messenger app. After the first view, the status will become viewable for the next 24 hours (or till it expires) without an internet connection.

Now I am not saying that WhatsApp messenger status are WhatsApp cache, technically speaking, they aren’t, I use it as an example so you will quickly understand what am talking about.

Cached files most times are not triggered by users of an Android device, rather, it is the application that will choose to download the file automatically because it feels it will be needed to make the app run smoothly for a short period of time.

A more perfect example are apps that requires you to sign into them. When you sign into the application, your login details are saved as cached in a hidden folder on your device, so that when you want to use the app again, you will not need to reenter your login credentials.

Do you now get the point? Hoping you do, I will now explain why sometimes the cache of an app needs to be cleared.

Why an Application Cached needs to be Cleared

From the explanation on what an application cache is all about, you might have come to the conclusion that the information stored in the cache by an app is truly important to the smooth running of the application. I am not here to tell you otherwise, because that is the truth.

The fact is, just as humans are not perfect and sometimes muddle things up, the same thing does happen to applications also. While this is a rare thing, application can muddle up what is store in their cache folder (database). When this happens, it can make using the application problematic to a user.

Going back to our example of how an application will save your login details in its cache so that you do not need to keep providing your login credentials every time you want to use the app. When the app has muddled up it cache, it can prevent you from being able to sign into the app again. Even if it keeps asking you to provide your login details, and you are typing in the correct information.

So, you see, it is in events like this that knowing how to clear the application cache become a handy knowledge.

Because most times (I mean, most of the time), the problem you experience with an application is not because the app has a bug that the developer need to fix, rather, the problem exist because of a messed-up cache.

So how do we clear the cache of an application in both Android and iOS smartphones?

How to Clear app Cache on Android

From the app list menu, locate the application you want to clear it cache. Tap and hold the app icon, in the menu that appear, tap on App Info.

Clearing app cache on Android step 1

If a menu containing App Info option does not appear, then, open the Settings of your Android device. Locate the option called App management, sometimes, the option is just called Apps, once you located it, tap on it. Then locate the app you want to clear it cache from the list and then Tap on it. It will take you to that App Info page.

  • Clearing app cache on Android step 1 - 01
  • Clearing app cache on Android step 1 - 02

On the App Info page, tap on Storage, on some device, this option is called either Manage Storage, or Clear Storage.

Clearing app cache on Android step 2

Now, on the App storage page, tap on the Clear Cache button.

Clearing app cache on Android step 3

That is all. The current cache of the app will be cleared, and the application will start building the cache again from scratch.

Note that on the App Storage page on your Android device, Clear Data or Clear App Data option is not the same with Clear Cache. If you tap on the Clear Data option instead, Android will delete all the information that the application has ever stored including the cache, and you will be presented with a fresh app as if you just installed it.

How to Clear app Cache on iOS Devices

Unlike in Android device where you have 2 options (that is, clearing an App Data, or clearing the App Cache), on iOS device, you do not have that option.

In order to clear the cache of any app on your iPhone or iPad, you need to delete the application and then reinstall it from the app store, or other means you know and trust.

Here are the steps needed to clear the cache of an iOS app.

Go to Settings, tap on General, and then on iPhone Storage. If you are using an iPad, then it will be iPad Storage.

The next thing is to locate the app from the list and tap on it. Tap the Delete App button, and then on Delete App again, in the confirmation box.

Finally head to the Apple App Store, search for the app and reinstall it again.

However, there are some desktop applications such as Cisdem iPhoneCleaner that promises to clean/clear iPhone apps cache and data without uninstalling the apps from your iOS device.

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