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Having the two-step verification system set up on your Telegram account is a great way to keep it safe. It lowers the probabilities of you losing your account. But, it does require that you introduce a pin you should have memorized. But, sometimes you forget what it is, or you want to change it to one that’s easier to remember.

Please keep reading to see how you can change your two-step verification pin when you know what your current pin is and when you’ve forgotten it. So, there’s no need to panic if you forgot your pin since it’s possible to recover it.

How to Create a New Two-Step Verification Pin on Telegram

To create your new pin, tap on the three-lined menu at the top left of your display. Once you’re in Setting, swipe down to the Settings section and tap on the Privacy and Security option.

On the next page, towards the bottom, you should see the Two-Step Verification option. Type the current password, and you’ll have access to three options: Change Password, Turn Password Off and Change Recovery Email.

Tap on the change password option, and you’ll be asked to enter the new password twice. Once you complete those steps, you’ll see a cute celebration emoji letting you know that you’re done. That’s all you have to do to change your two-step verification password.

If you disable the password, you turn off the two-step verification altogether. The next time you want to enable it again, you’ll have to start over.

You’ll be asked to enter info such as your new password (twice to confirm), Recovery Email, and enter the code sent to your recovery email. If you happen to forget your password, here’s where your recovery email comes in handy. Telegram will send you a recovery code to the email you added when you first added the two-step verification.

Enter that code where Telegram indicates, and you’re good to go. If what you need to do is change your Telegram passcode lock, that’s a whole different story.

How to Create and Change a Passcode Lock on Telegram

As long as we’re on the topic of Telegram security, adding a passcode lock to your Telegram account is a good idea. That way, you’ll prevent anyone you haven’t given permission to from seeing your conversations. To protect your Telegram account with a passcode, tap on the three-lined menu option at the top left.

Once you’re in settings, tap on Privacy and Security. Under the Security section, tap on the Passcode Lock option.

If it’s your first time setting it up, you’ll be asked to introduce a pin you’ll use to access Telegram. If what you want to do is change it, in that case, you’ll need to tap on the Change Passcode option.

You’ll be asked to enter your new pin twice, and you also get a celebrating emoji at the end. As long as you’re in the Passcode lock settings, there are other changes you can make. For example, if you ever want to take a break from having to enter a passcode, you can disable it, or you can unlock it with your fingerprint.

You can also decide how much time needs to pass before auto-lock kicks in and if you want to show the app’s content in Task Switcher.


The more security you can add to any account, the better. You never know when that security setting might actually save it. By enabling two-step verification and locking your Telegram account with a passcode, you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

This post was written by Judy Sanhz and was first posted to Technipages

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