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How to change the default video player on your browser?

Download Media Player Video/Audio


Send to MPV player

This extension detects any type of stream-able media be it video or audio and offers a “send to MVP” option. Thanks to this add-on you are able to watch or listen to media streams much easier with just a few clicks.

An optimized extension extension created to be as lightweight as possible. One perk you’ll like is that the background page of the extension is in non-persistent mode and so the extension doesn’t need any resource when it is inactive.

What sets it apart from other similar extensions is the fact that it’s much lighter because the media detection algorithm does not demand usual observation.

Download Send to MPV player

Flash Player for YouTube 

Another great option for Opera is an add-on that changes the default YouTube player to Flash and offers better resolution choices than a HTML5 Player.

It is very lightweight, doesn’t take-up memory space and it also doesn’t require a lot of CPU usage. This extension is perfect if you have a slow device because it consumes less resources, CPU and RAM.

Download Flash Player for YouTube

Mozilla Firefox

HTML5 Video Everywhere

Developed by the founder of the popular social platform, Tik-Tok, this add-on was created with the users’ preferences in mind.

With this smart extension, you can take advantage of an improved media experience when you access your favorite streaming sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Break, Metacafe, or Lego.

Don’t miss out on this browser built-in video player that provides higher performance and a more stable experience.

Download HTML5 Video Everywhere

Video Player

You can make the best of your streaming time with this high-quality extension that supports audio boosting to 300% and provides a playback rate speed of up to 8 times.

Easy to use and with a minimal interface this extension can play media files from a local disk or a remote source.

This extension offers to play video or audio from a local disk or a remote resource. It uses the standard catching method to play remote sources with minimal interruption. You can even groove to your favorite musician by repeating one song or an entire album, thanks to this smart player.

Download Video Player

Playing videos or listening to audio using specially created extensions that can be incorporated into your browser is a great way to add some quality to your interactive online activities.

The extensions that we presented you with in this article are compatible with most operation systems, are easy to set-up and very user-friendly.

We’d like to hear your opinion on this subject so please feel free to comment by accessing the comment section below.

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