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How to Bypass Browser Cache and Perform a Hard Refresh

Browser cache is a useful feature because it helps you conserve your internet data consumption by saving some content of a website offline, so that the browser will not have to be downloading the whole content of the website every time you visit the site.

Because cache saves some of the content of a website offline, this speed up the loading time or the time needed to display the website content that you are visiting.

The browser cache is designed in such a way that if it detects a change to the content of a website that it has previously saved offline, then the cache should instruct the browser to download the newer content so as to replace the one already saved in the cache.

This way, you always see up-to-date information.

But this cache updating process is not flawless. So, when cache updating process is not working properly, you end up seeing out dated information or worst yet, it can cause some functionality in the website not to work properly.

To resolve this, it becomes necessary to force the browser to ignore or bypass what is already in the cache and download the latest version of the website anew.

Terms used to Describe Browser Cache Bypass

As we have seen, bypassing a browser cache help ensure that the content of a website you are viewing is up-to-date.

This browser bypassing processing is referred to as had refresh, cache refresh, or uncached reload.

So, if I decide to use any of these terms later in this or another article, know that I am talking about the same thing.

Why Browser Cache Bypass is Important

Your browser cache save content from various website you have visited. If the cache is having a hard time updating the cached files of a website, that is not a valid reason to clear all the cached files of the rest website. Or do you not agree?

Of cause, it is not. So, hard refresh (cache bypass) for only that website that the cache is having issues with, is the wise cause of action.

How to Perform Browser Hard Refresh so as to Bypass Cache

For PC Browsers

Chrome, Firefox, or Edge for Windows:

Press Ctrl Windows keyboard Ctrl key + F5 F5 keyboard function key, or Shift Shift keyboard key + F5 F5 keyboard function key, or Ctrl+Shift+R.

Chrome or Firefox for Mac:

Press Shift+Command+R.

Safari for Mac:

There is no simple keyboard shortcut to force a hard refresh. Instead, press Command+Option+E to empty the cache, then hold down Shift and click Reload in the toolbar.

For Mobile Browsers

For Chrome:

If there is a Lite button in the address bar, tap on it and then tap on Load original page.

For other mobile browser, there is no simple way for performing hard refresh.

However, most browsers allow you clear the saved data of a specific site. This can be found in the Settings of the browser.

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