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How to Block Websites on Google Chrome | BlockSite Guide.

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The internet can be a fun and educative tool. It can also be a dangerous place for both children and adult alike. This is because, there are website designed for the sole purpose of causing such damage.

Examples are pornographic website, phishing website, websites that distributes electronic viruses, and others. When you accidentally visit (discover) such website, it becomes necessary for you to block those websites, else, the urge for you to go back there might overtake you.

Other times, blocking a certain favorite website might become necessary, so that you might remain productive when on the internet. For example, as you work remotely, you might need to block access to websites that you love, but will not add to making you productive.

No matter the reason you might have for wanting to restrict your access to certain website, the good news is, it can be done. In this article, I will show you how to do it with a Google Chrome browser.

Block Websites on Google Chrome Desktop Browser

With the help of Google Chrome desktop browser extensions, you will be able to block and restrict your access to any website of your choosing.

Google Chrome Desktop Browser Site Blocking Extensions

Any of the extension below, will help you do the job easily and perfectly.

Using Block Site Chrome Extension

BlockSite, is the most popular and trusted website blocking extension for Google Chrome desktop browser. So, here is a tutorial on how to use it.

First, click on the Add to Chrome link above. Once you do, it will take you to the Chrome web store, where you can find out more about the features of the extension. There is also an Add Extension button on that page. Click on it.

Now, open any website you want to block. While on the website, click on the Block Site icon at the top-right of the address bar, and then click the Block this site button from the menu that will appear.

Blocking website with Block site chrome extension

And that is all. Any access to that website will be blocked. Meaning, you will not be able to visit the site, or even receive notification(s) from the website again, until you unblock the site.

Restore Access to the Website

To unblock a website, and restore your access to the website, click on the Block site icon again. This time, you do not need to visit any website. Just open Chrome, click on the icon.

Then click on the Edit block sites list. On the list page, click on the Minus ➖ icon, next to the block website.

The website will be removed from the block site list. Meaning, access to the website has been restored.

Block Websites on Google Chrome Mobile Browser

Unfortunately, as of now, Chrome mobile browser does not yet support extensions. However, the Block Site extension I talked about above, has an Android app.

Utilizing this Android app will enable you to block access to websites on Chrome mobile browser. Here is how to use the app.

First, download and install the Blocksite Android app to your device. Here is the Download link.

After downloading the app, open it, and click on the I ACCEPT button. All apps and website have a privacy and terms of use policy. The I Accept button you are clicking is you saying, you content to that of Blocksite. On the page where the I Accept button appears, there are highlights of what their policies include. You should preview it before you accept to anything.

If you do accept the privacy and terms of use policy of Blocksite app, the next thing is to grant them Accessibility privileges.
Without the Accessibility privilege, Android will not allow the Blocksite app, or any other app to take any action that will affect another app. In this case, it is blocking access to website on Google Chrome mobile browser.

Do not know how to grant Accessibility privileges to apps? Do not worry, after you have accepted the privacy of the Blocksite app, you will be shown the guide.

Now, go back to the app and click on the Green Plus button ➕ at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Blocking website with BlockSite Android app step 1

In the search box, type in the URL of the website you want to block. Click on the Plus icon ➕ next to it. Then on Done at the top-right.

Blocking website with BlockSite Android app step 2

 That is all.

How to Unblock a Website

Open the app. You will see all the list of blocked websites from the Block list tab.

Tap on the Delete icon next to the website you want to unblock. And you are done.

Unblocking blocked website with Blocksite Android app


If you were asked to choose a Premium plan when setting up the app, just tap on the close icon at the top-left. Blocksite app can be used to block access to websites and apps for FREE. However, if you want more features, then, that is when you will need to subscribe to a premium plan.

Skipping BlockSite Android app premium subscription notification

From the Blocksite app Settings, you can synchronize the app with your Google Chrome desktop extension, so that the list of the websites you have blocked can be imported to the app.

Also, the Blocksite app for Android is not browser specific. What this means is that, when you add a website you want to block access to on the app. The Blocksite app will block all access to that website regardless of which mobile browser you are using. Be it Chrome, Firefox and others.

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