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How to add Twitch chat on your browser source [OBS & Xsplit]

With the Twitch chat, you can easily interact with members of the community and the streamers as well.

How do I get my Twitch chat URL?

The Twitch URL is received as a result of using a subscription alert system, such as TwitchAlerts.

We have gathered in this article exactly how you can add Twitch chat on your browser source, so make sure to keep on reading.

How can I put the Twitch chat on my screen?

1. Use a specialized browser

The Twitch chat is definitely a valuable feature that allows you to keep in touch with the community members and other streamers as well.

Using a specialized browser that already comes with a Twitch integration is the easiest way to ensure a flawless experience.

Opera GX is such a browser for gaming enthusiasts, and the really good news is that it also comes with the Twitch chat integrated.

Opera GX

Opera GX

A dedicated gaming browser that comes with a Twitch integration in the side bar, allowing for an enhanced experience.

2. Set up the browser source


  1. Download the CLR Browser Plugin
  2. After the download, locate the Plugins folder for OBS.Extract all the files from the folder and lauch OBS
  3. Go to Add a Source and click on Browser Source.
  4. Enter the provided URL.

For XSplit

  1. Open XSplit and click on Add.
  2. Select Other and now click on Webpage URL.
  3. Enter the provided URL.
  4. You will now see the URL under the Scene you added it. Right-click on it and customize it as needed.

3. Use the URL

  1. Go to your channel on your streaming platform of choice.
  2. In the chat window on your channel, select popout chat. This may also be called popup chat on some platforms.
  3. From the window that pops out, copy the URL from the address bar.
  4. Open up OBS Studio and go to the View menu.
  5. Select Docks and click Custom Browser Docks…
  6. In the first empty box under Dock Name give your chat a name.
  7. In the corresponding box under URL paste the URL from the popout chat window you copied in step 3.
  8. Click Apply.

Adding the Twitch chat in your browser source does not have to be complicated at all.

In fact, by following the steps indicated in this article you will have this done in minutes.

If you have additional recommendations or suggestions, please let us know in the comments section below.

This post was written by Vlad Turiceanu and was first posted to WindowsReport

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