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How to Add Emoji, Kaomoji & Symbols to Text in Windows 10.

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Recently, I activated word prediction for my Windows 10 computer, so that as I type, it will be predicting words for me. I found this helpful because, I might be typing a word wrongly, but the Windows 10 prediction feature, will show me the correct spelling before I move to the next word.

While I was enjoying this feature however, I noticed something unusual. Among the list of predicted words that Window 10 will show me, emojis use to be among them.

This got me wondering, Does Windows 10 have an Emoji library? If yes, how can I turn it on, and how can I easily access it? So, I venture into my normal routine of researching. What I discovered is amazing.

Windows 10 has an Emoji Library!

Yes, you heard it right. What I discovered from my research was that, Windows 10 has a spectrum (library) of emojis.

This library does not only contain emojis, it also contains Kaomoji and Symbols.

The Emoji Library ☺

In the Emoji library, there are Smiley faces and animals, People, Celebrations and Objects, Food and Plants, Transportation and places, and Symbol emojis spectrums.

The Kaomoji Library (⓿_⓿)

In the Kaomoji library, there are Classic Ascii Emotions, Happy, Greetings, Acting cute, Sad, Angry, and Surprised/Speechless kaomoji spectrums.

The Symbols Library ฿ ₦ ₤

In the Symbols library, there are General punctuation, Currency, Latin Symbols, Geometric Symbols, Math Symbols, Supplemental Symbols, and Language symbols spectrums.

How to use the Emoji, Kaomoji & Symbols Libraries in Windows 10

In Windows 10, there is no special settings that you need to turn on, before you can start using the Emoji, Kaomoji and Symbols spectrum.

All you need do is press the Windows + . or Windows + ; keys in your keyboard, and the library will appear.

If it is Emoji you want to insert, after you have brought up the library, just keep typing and the emoji with a similar name will appear. If none appear, it means you have to scroll through the list to locate the one you are looking for. Once you see it, just click on it and it will be inserted into where your insertion point is.

There is an x icon at the top-right of the emoji library, when you are through with inserting, just click on that icon to close the library.

A Video Guide

Here is a 10 seconds video created by Windows, to serve as guide to anyone who wishes to use this feature of their operating systems (OS).

Which Program can I use it on?

The Windows 10 emoji, kaomoji and symbol library is not a program specific feature. It can be used with any application, provided that application allows you to type in text, emoji, kaomoji and symbols.

You can also call it up and use it when naming a file or folder, or when performing a search in Windows 10, Instagram or the web in general.

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