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How to activate the Brave browser dark mode

As Brave is a Chromium-based browser, its users can also add dark mode themes and extensions to Brave.

Quick tip:

Opera is an alternative Chromium browser with a dark mode that’s worth noting. That browser includes many customization settings and some novel browsing features you won’t find in other software options.

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Explore the internet securely and while also protecting your eyes from harm with the dark mode in this fast browser.

How can I make Brave a dark browser?

1. Activate the Dark option

  1. Click the Customize and Control Brave button that’s on the right side of the browser’s URL address toolbar.
  2. Select the Settings option to open the tab in the screenshot directly below.
    The Settings tab brave browser dark mode
  3. Click Appearance on the left of Brave’s Settings tab.
  4. Select Dark on the Brave colors drop-down menu.
    The Dark setting brave browser dark mode
  5. Alternatively, selecting Same as Windows will change Brave’s color to black if you’ve activated the dark theme for Windows.

2. Activate dark mode for the Brave mobile browser

  1. To select the Dark option in the Brave Android browser, tap the three dots button at the bottom of its app window. 
  2. Select the Settings option.
    The Settings tab brave browser dark mode
  3. Then tap Appearance  > Themes to open the options in the shot directly below. 
    The Dark theme option brave browser dark mode
  4. Select the Dark mode setting there. 

3. Add Dark Reader

  1. If you want to apply a dark background to website pages, open the Dark Reader extension page in Brave.
  2. Press the Add to Brave button on the Dark Reader extension page.
  3. Thereafter, you should see the Dark Reader extension button on your toolbar as in the shot directly below. If not, click the Extensions button and select the Pin option for Dark Reader.
    The Pin option brave browser dark mode
  4. Click the Dark Reader button to open it.
    The Dark Reader button brave browser dark mode
  5. Select the On and Dark options if Dark Reader is off (it will probably be on by default). Websites you open in Brave will then have a dark background as in the snapshot directly below.
    A Dark Google brave browser dark mode
  6. Drag the Brightness and Contrast bars to the left and right to adjust the dark background.
  7. To configure hotkeys for Dark Reader, click Setup extension toggle hotkey. Then you can input custom keyboards for the extension in the tab shown directly below.
    Dark Reader's keyboard customization options brave browser dark mode
  8. To exclude specific sites from Dark Reader’s black backgrounds, click the Site list tab within the extension. Then select Not invert listed, and enter a URL for a website to exclude.

So, that’s how Brave users can activate that browser’s dark side. That browser’s built-in dark option will blacken its tab bar, URL address toolbar, bookmarks bar, and Settings tab.

To make Brave even darker, activate black website backgrounds with the Black Reader extension.

This post was written by Matthew Adams and was first posted to WindowsReport

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