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Holiday 2020: The Best Xbox Series X/S Accessories

Man playing on the Xbox Series X in living room.

The Xbox Series X/S will be available on November 10, 2020, and if you know someone who’s getting one at launch then getting some accessories for them as a gift is a great idea. Every console has accessories that greatly improve the playing experience, and that’s no different with the Series X/S. So let’s talk about what’s already available for Microsoft’s new system right out of the gate.

The New Controller: Xbox Core Controller

Xbox Core Controller

A new console means new controllers, and while the Series X/S controller may appear to be the exact same as the Xbox One there are some small changes. The controller’s shape is slightly different, the D-Pad has been changed, the grips are more textured, it now has a USB-C port, and there’s a new “Share” button for sharing video clips and screenshots. Those improvements are nice to see even if there aren’t any groundbreaking new features. It’s also worth noting Xbox One controllers will work one the Series X/S if you’ve got some lying around or can find them on the cheap.

The New Controller

A Charging Stand: PowerA Dual Charging Station

PowerA Xbox Series X/S Dual Charging Station

The new Xbox controllers still rely on AA batteries for power, but the PowerA charging station solves that. Not only will this station hold and charge two controllers at once, but it also comes with two rechargeable battery packs that last 40 hours on a full charge each. If you don’t want to deal with constantly replacing batteries, then this is the best alternative for sure.

A Charging Stand

Mouse and Keyboard on the Couch: Razer Turret

Razer Turret

For many games, keyboard and mouse tends to reign supreme as the best way to control them. And the Xbox Series X/S does support a keyboard and mouse for input, but if you still want to play on the couch that’s difficult to set up properly. Fortunately, Razer has the solution: The Turret rests on your lap while playing, features a full tenkeyless keyboard, and an extendable mouse pad with an included mouse. It also has a dedicated “Xbox” key for bringing up the Xbox dashboard.

It’s a pricey solution to be sure, but it’s also the best solution to this problem. The Turret was originally released for the Xbox One but has already been confirmed to be compatible with the Series X/S. The Turret is fully wireless and has a battery life of 50 hours with the lighting off, and 11 – 30 hours with it on.

Mouse and Keyboard on the Couch

A Nice Remote: PDP Xbox Media Remote

PDP Xbox Media Remote

The Xbox One proved itself as being a great device for viewing movies, shows, and videos on top of playing games. And with basically every major streaming platform available for the system, the same will probably be said for the Series X/S. Because of that, having a dedicated media remote is going to be useful, and the PDP remote is a great choice as it was specifically designed for the Xbox.

It features media, volume, and navigation controls along with the standard Xbox buttons for specific menus. It’s a well-thought-out remote, and it’s perfect for navigating all your favorite streaming platforms.

A Nice Remote

More Storage: Seagate Storage Expansion Card

Seagate Xbox Storage Expansion Card

Internal storage is always an issue when it comes to modern games, but this expansion card from Seagate will solve some of those woes. It simply slots into the console and grants an additional terabyte of high-speed storage.

It’s definitely pricey, so if you’d some less expensive options then there’s the Seagate external SSD and external HDD which both supply more storage for less and simply plug into the console through USB-A cords. When deciding between the two latter options, it’s worth keeping in mind that the HDD is slower at loading data than the SSD.

More Storage

A Wireless Headset: Corsair HS75

Corsair HS75

Communication is an essential part of many online games, and the HS75 makes sure you have everything you need for voice chats. The immersive Dolby Atmos tech creates a convincing virtual surround sound effect and the premium build quality makes this headset worth its price. The HS75 is fully wireless, has a range of up to 30 feet (so it’ll definitely reach the couch), and a battery life of 20 hours. The microphone is detachable when it’s not in use and you mute it quickly with a push of a button.

A Wireless Headset

Personalize it: dbrand Skins

dbrand Xbox Series X Skin Configurator

dbrand is one of the best skin makers around, and it’s already put Xbox Series X/S skins into production. There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to colors and materials, and you can choose different options for each side of the console. You can also get skins for the controller to match the console itself.

For Hardcore Racing: Logitech G923

Logitech G923 racing wheel and pedals

There are some great racing games out for the Series X already such as Forza Horizons 4 and Forza Motorsport 7And it’s only a matter of time before new racing games are announced (a new Forza Motorsport already was), so why not get ahead of the curve with a proper racing setup? The G923 is an advanced racing wheel featuring intense force feedback, a full set of included pedals, a dedicated six-speed shifter, and premium build quality. For racing enthusiasts, this is the controller to use—even if finding a place to put it can be a bit complicated.

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