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Here is how to get iPhone iOS 14 from Apple Before September.

Here is how to get iPhone iOS 14 from Apple Before September post thumbnail

iOS 14 is the new version of OS Apple is planning to release for iPhone. And this new operating systems promises to be very exciting to use.

For example, it was because of the iOS 14 that some developers were able to spot some applications that were spying on iPhone users, by looking at their clipboard without the user’s consent.

Apart from that is the fact that, Apple promises that with the new iOS 14, you do not need to keep carrying your smart car keys all about. For, there is a feature in this iOS version that will enable you to lock, unlock, start and turn off your smart car.

Here is an article where I detailed some of the amazing features, Apple is planning for iOS 14, which iPhones you will be able to use it on, and when it will be released. >>> The new iOS 14 for iPhone is one you will Love. <<<

Can’t Wait?

Can you not wait till September when Apple will release the iOS 14 to everyone before you start enjoying the features iOS 14 has to offer?

If you answer yes, then I will be sharing with you, how you can get the much anticipated iOS 14 on your iPhone now!

What you Should Know

The iOS 14 you will be getting now, is known as iOS 14 Public Beta.

What this means is that, you are getting an iOS 14 version that is still in development. Because it is still in development, you are not guaranteed a sleek user experience.

Hence, I will recommend that you install this iOS 14 on an older iPhone (secondary device) that is eligible to use iOS 14.

How to get the iOS 14 Public Beta

Before Apple can allow you to get access to the Public Beta version of iOS 14, or any other version of iOS before the launch date, you need to have enrolled in the Apple Beta Software Program.

Enrolling in the Apple Beta Software Program does not cost you anything. All you need is your Apple ID and a click on the program agreement policy.

After you enrolled in the program, head to the Settings of your iPhone. Locate General and tap on it. Then tap on Software Update.

After that, the iOS 14 Public Beta version will be downloaded an installed on your device. Make sure you have enough battery (like let say more than 50%) before you start the downloading and installing process. If you do not, please plug it in before you begin.

Do I need to Register for the Program over and over again?


Once you have registered for the Apple Beta Software Program, you will keep receiving updates anytime there is a new public beta version.

Also, provided that it is the same Apple ID that you used when registering for the Program that you use for setting up your other Apple device (such as iPad and Mac computer), you will be legible to receive the public beta version of the operation system of those device (iPadOS and MacOS) also.


Will you be trying out the beta version? Do you know of anyone that will want to, or have tried it out? Please share the experience with us via comments.

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