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Google Maps labels are used to highlight businesses, landmarks, and other major attractions on the base map. To see the labels, simply zoom in until they become visible on the map. If certain labels are no longer relevant, you can simply delete them.

Steps to Delete Google Maps Labels


  • Launch Google Maps
  • Click on the Menu ​ icon
  • Go to Your placesgoogle maps your places
  • Select Labeled
  • Locate the label you want to delete and hit the Edit buttonremove google maps label
  • Click on the Remove option to remove the respective label.

On Mobile

  1. Open the Google Maps app
  2. Select Savedsaved labels google maps mobile
  3. You’ll see the Your Lists option, select Labeled
  4. Tap the More button next to the label you want to deleteremove labels google maps mobile
  5. Select Remove label and the message ‘Your label was removed’ should appear on the screen confirming the label has been successfully removed.

How to Remove Map Information Labels

If you’re actually referring to general map labels such as street names, businesses, and so on, you need to go into Satellite mode and toggle them off.

google maps satellite remove labels

To remove the names too, do this:

  1. Click on the Menu icon
  2. Navigate to Your places
  3. Go to the Maps tab, and select Create Mapcreate map google maps
  4. Select the Base map option
  5. Choose the Simple atlas option.

create simple atlas map google maps

And this is how you can quickly remove the Google Maps labels which are no longer relevant to you.

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