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Occasionally, you may decide that you don’t want to use a service anymore. In many cases, you may just sign out of your account and never sign back in again. In some services, though this isn’t the best option, this is especially the case for communication apps such as Google Duo. For example, if you sign out but leave your account connected, you may find that others can still attempt to communicate with you, not knowing that you can’t, and won’t ever see their messages or missed calls.

If you know that you don’t want to go back to a service, the best thing you can do is close your account. This is a permanent move that informs the company that you want them to delete your data. In most services, deleting your account will also delete your user from other people’s service, or at least inform them that you no longer use the service.

Thankfully, if you want to delete your Google Duo account, the process is pretty simple. To do so you need to go into the settings by first clicking on the cogwheel icon in the top-right, labelled “Settings”.

Click on the cogwheel icon labelled “Settings” in the top-right.

Click on the first section, labelled “Account” to expand it, then click on “Delete Duo account”. In the confirmation box that pops up, click “Delete account” to delete your Google Duo account.

Next to the “Delete Duo account” is another button labelled “Remove Google Account” which is somewhat similar. This option signs you out of Duo on all devices except the device that is verified with your phone number. Your phone number will also be unlinked from your Google account in Duo preventing other people from finding you through your Google account. You will still be able to communicate with other users that have connected to you via your phone number.

Click “Delete Duo account” in the “Account” section of the Google Duo settings, then click “Delete account” when prompted to confirm.

Occasionally, you may decide that you want to stop using a service for whatever reason. By following the steps in this guide, you can delete your Google Duo account.

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