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Fix: VPNBook not connecting to the Internet (6 easy methods)

The servers offered on the dedicated page by VPNBook may be modified without warning from time to time.

For instance, a server could no longer work overnight, but a server could take its place without you even noticing.

Check the servers page as often as you can to prevent this issue.

Some ISPs or network administrators may have UDP filters and blacklists in place, which would render VPN unable to connect to the Internet.

All VPNBook bundles include TCP 443, TCP 80, UDP53, and UDP 25000 profiles.

Make sure to try them all out before calling it quits. More importantly, if you notice that UDP doesn’t seem to work at all, try using a TCP profile instead.

  1. Purchase a premium VPN subscription (we recommend PIA)
  2. Download and install the VPN
  3. Launch the VPN client on your computer
  4. Connect to the server of your choice
  5. Enjoy browsing the Internet privately

Using a premium VPN service could be, or at least seem less appealing than a free service such as VPNBook.

However, paid VPN services are constantly developed and serious issues such as connection issues are not frequent at all.

Private Internet Access, for instance, has a huge network that counts almost 20,000 servers all around the world.

Thus, even if one server doesn’t seem to work, you can simply switch to another one to solve any connectivity issues.

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access

Looking for an alternative to VPNBooks that doesn’t have connectivity issues? Try Private Internet Access.

Final thoughts on VPNBooks not connecting to the Internet

All in all, if you’re using VPNBook and suddenly discover it doesn’t connect to the Internet, there are a few things you could try before calling it quits.

Given that the service revolves around partially configuring settings manually, you’ll have to make sure that credentials and server addresses are accurate.

If you’ve tried everything configuration-related and nothing seems to work, you could switch to a premium alternative.

Sure it’s less convenient that you’ll have to pay for it, but at least you’ll dodge connectivity issues with grace.

This post was written by Vlad Constantinescu and was first posted to WindowsReport

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